Internal Doors by Finish

From the timeless elegance of white doors to the rustic charm of textured pine and the enduring strength of oak, our internal doors elevate your space. Black doors offer a dramatic statement piece, while our wide range of coloured doors lets you add a pop of personality that perfectly complements your décor.

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oak door

Oak Doors

Oak doors boast superior strength, sound insulation properties and moisture resistance thanks to their dense, tight wood grain.

pine door

Pine Doors

Durable pine doors offer an affordable wood option with rustic character and knot patterns while being lightweight yet sturdy.

white door

White Doors

Our beautiful white doors create a bright, airy space that maximises light reflection and complements any interior design style.

black door

Black Doors

Explore superb black doors that make a dramatic statement and provide a striking colour contrast against light walls in all settings.

coloured doors

Coloured Doors

Discover exceptional coloured doors to allow your space to be visually defined through coordinating earthy and colourful tones.

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Inspiration & Advice

White Doors

White doors maximise light reflection and diffusion. The bright neutral tone makes spaces appear larger and more inviting. White bifold doors have a minimalist appearance and create openness between indoor and outdoor spaces, while maximising floor space.

Whether solid or glazed, white internal doors contribute to a bright ambience. They make small rooms feel more spacious and inviting. White internal glazed doors allow natural light to permeate throughout a living space, fostering a welcoming atmosphere.

Plus, white internal fire doors provide crucial fire safety and restrict the spread of flames and smoke. They also maintain a cohesive and aesthetically pleasing look throughout the home or commercial space. 

Pine Doors

Pine doors offer a natural appearance that complements various interior design styles, Solid pine doors provide excellent insulation properties and durability, making them a practical choice for high-traffic areas or spaces where sound reduction is a priority.

Unfinished pine doors serve as a blank canvas. They allow you to customise the look and feel of interior spaces. These doors can be stained, painted or treated with different finishes to achieve a rich, warm tone or a sleek, contemporary look.

Pine internal doors are visually appealing and provide practical benefits. They are typically more affordable than other hardwood options, making them a cost-effective choice. Also, pine is a renewable resource, making it an eco-friendly option.

Oak Doors

Oak doors are a sought-after choice for both residential and commercial settings. Solid oak doors are renowned for their durability and strength. They are capable of withstanding heavy foot traffic, making them a practical investment for high-traffic areas.

Fire-rated oak internal doors offer an added layer of safety. Overall, they provide robust protection against the spread of fire and smoke with a typical fire rating of FD30. Internal oak doors from brands like JB Kind and XL Joinery meet strict fire resistance standards. 

Black Doors

Black doors offer a sleek look. Solid black doors provide a minimalist look while laminate black doors are affordable with the same visual. Bevelled black doors add depth, clear glass inserts create an open feel and tinted glass inserts provide some privacy.

Also, black internal doors are versatile for all settings. They create a stunning focal point as interior, entry or patio doors. In commercial areas, they provide a modern look elevating the design. Plus, fire-rated FD30 black doors protect against fire spread for 30 minutes. 

Coloured Doors

Coloured doors offer a vibrant alternative. Whether you choose glazed-coloured doors to brighten up spaces by letting in natural light or unglazed versions for increased privacy, you will always find one that works for you. Oak, walnut and laminate-coloured doors cater to all budgets and aesthetic preferences. 

Plus, coloured doors transform the ambience of a space. For clean looks, sapele or ash veneer-coloured doors are ideal. Fully finished coloured doors are ready for installation, while unfinished versions can be customised with stains or paint on-site.

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