Picking out the perfect office door size can be difficult, with no standard office door dimensions in the UK. In this guide from Building Materials Nationwide, we’ll look through the world of office doors, giving some standard dimensions that will make your office environment suitable for all. We’ll look at both standard heights and widths, before looking at the sizes of doors needed for comprehensive disabled access, and the size of door needed for a fire route.

What is an Office Door?

When we talk about office doors, we’re really talking about both internal and external doors for use within an office. An exterior door will need to be stronger and more secure, whilst internal doors can come in a broader range of styles. Office doors can be made of wood, glass or metal. They can come with a variety of features and benefits, such as acoustic insulation. All office buildings will also be required to feature fire escape routes with valid fire doors. Office fire doors must be fire rated to at least FD30, and must feature things like coverings, automatic closers, and fire-rated fittings.

What Are the Standard Office Door Dimensions?

There are no standardised internal door sizes in the UK, and as such there are no standard office door dimensions. However, when looking at both internal and external doors the most common size in England and Wales is 1981mm x 762mm x 35mm. In Scotland, the standard office door dimensions are smaller, with an average width of 726mm. There is a wide range of larger door sizes available, as well as french doors.

Are There Legal Minimum Office Door Dimensions?

There are legal minimums for both fire doors and disabled access doors, but not for standard interior doors.

Office Door Dimensions for Disabled Access

There are various rules around doors to allow wheelchair use. Any new building must be built to include disabled access, with every door having a clear opening width of 850mm. This ensures that they can be used by those in a wheelchair. When designing new buildings, disabled access must be taken into account. In refurbishments, it can obviously be expensive to remove and replace doors and frames, but larger than standard size doors are necessary to make your office accessible.

Office Fire Door Dimensions

There are no specific door height regulations, but there are clear rules for fire door width. This is based on the maximum number of people in a building. The table below shows the required width.

Maximum PeopleMinimum Width
>2205mm per person in building

There are a series of other considerations to take into account when choosing a fire door, such as the doors’ FD rating, and the other fittings that must be attached to it. We have a full guide to fire door regulations available through our website.

Office Door Dimensions Conversion Chart

In the chart below, we’ll show the standard dimensions available for our office door range, and show you the metric door sizing compared to imperial.

Door Size (Metric)Door Size (Imperial Inches)Door Size (Imperial Feet and Inches)
1981 x 76278 x 306’6” x 2’6”
1981 x 83878 x 336’6” x 2’9”
2000 x 92678.8 x 366’6.8” x 3’0”
2040 x 82680.3 x 32.56′8.25″ x 2′8.5″
2040 x 92680.3 x 366′8.3″ x 3′0”
2700 x 838106 x 338’10” x 2’9”

If looking for a office door of 80 inches height you’ll have a couple of clear options.

How to Measure an Office Door

Getting the dimensions of your current office door is easy. Use a tape measure to measure the height and width of your door specifically (not the frame).  For an older door, it’s worth taking a few measurements, in case the door is no longer perfectly rectangular. This can help to ensure a perfect fit for your new doors.

What Office Door Options Are Available?

There are a variety of office doors available for use, offering protection, privacy, and style. You’ll have to take several considerations into account when buying doors for an office, such as whether you want a standardised look, where your fire door route will be, and whether to have solid doors for privacy or transparent doors for light and visibility. Whatever office door dimensions you are looking for, you’ll have choices in a range of materials.

Fitting glass commercial doors within an office, particularly when used alongside glass demountable partitions, can be a great look. Glass doors let light into your office spaces, are stylish, and can offer strong acoustic insulation, particularly when double glazed. Glass demountable partitioning allows you to break up a large office space into smaller areas, and can be used to make smaller rooms for meetings.

Metal office doors can bring real security, perfect for a front door, or the door to a protected area. They can be manufactured as solid metal, or can be made with a vision panel installed within them. Using metal doors within a larger office is likely to be expensive, but they can make great choices for entrances and fire escape doors.

Wooden office doors are the classic design, with a wide variety of styles available. They can come either in either hollow or solid models. Hollow wooden doors are likely to be more affordable, particularly if looking to outfit an entire office, but solid doors boast greater durability. Wooden office doors can be manufactured in a range of woods, and installed with vision panels to give visibility between office spaces.

Office fire doors will normally be rated FD30 or FD60, indicating the number of minutes they can withstand direct fire contact. Longer lasting metal doors are available, if looking to protect internal areas of an office such as a server room.

Our Range of Office Doors

Buildings Materials Nationwide stocks a wide selection of high-quality office doors. If you are looking for office doors with dimensions suited for wheelchair access or use as a fire door we are sure to have appropriate options. We sell beautiful wooden office doors in a range of quality woods:

Within our range you’ll find fire-rated doors that can be used as part of a fire escape route in your office. You’ll also find doors with circular or rectangular vision panels. We also stock a wide range of equipment that can be used around fire doors in an office, like signageand intumescent strips.

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Picking out the perfect office door size can be difficult, with no standard office door dimensions in the UK. In this guide from Building Materials Nationwide, we’ll look through the world of office doors, giving some standard dimensions that will make your office environment suitable for all. We’ll look at both standard heights and widths, […]