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Sheet Materials

WE offer a range of sheet materials including Chipboard, MDF, OSB and Plywood.


  • Chipboard

    Chipboard is one of the most cost-effective building materials around. We supply this versatile board at a low price, to make it, even more, cost-effective. Chipboard is a rigid material and is relatively smooth, meaning it lends itself to paint or even laminate if required. It can serve a number of purposes, from use in packaging to sub-floors and even in the construction of furniture.

    It's a cheap and reliable board which is easy to install and fix, and it is this combined with the fact that it is far cheaper than other wood boards that make it a very popular material within the construction industry. If strength and low cost are a priority, chipboard is the ideal material. We supply it in either 18mm or 22mm to suit your needs.

    Contact us today to discuss how we can supply you with multi-purpose chipboard at a low price. Whatever quantity you require, we are happy to deliver through our quick, reliable, nationwide service.

  • Fibreboard

    Fibreboards are comprised of wood fibres mixed with adhesives. Typical examples are hardboard & recycled notice or pinboards

  • MDF

    Medium Density Fibreboards (MDF) are far denser than plywood and OSB, which is why they are generally used in the furniture industry where a more durable board is required. MDF has a smooth, unblemished face which makes it ideal for situations where a high quality painted finish is required, such as in shop fitting, where MDF sheets are often used for manufacturing counters, displays and slat wall boards.

    We supply high quality, versatile MDF boards from the best manufacturers, such as Caberfloor and Norbord, at cut down prices. Our boards come in a wide range of thicknesses, from 6mm to 25mm to suit whatever purpose, and we can even cut them to size to save you the hassle and mess of cutting them on site.

    Whether it's a flexible, bendy MDF board you're after or a durable, moisture resistant grade board for use in damp areas, we've got the MDF boards to suit your needs, at the prices to suit your budget. Contact us today to discuss how we can supply you with high-quality MDF boards and have them delivered directly to your work site through our quick, reliable, nationwide delivery service. No hassle, no fuss, no large expense.

  • OSB

    Orientated Strand Board (OSB) is similar to plywood in that the cross-orientation of strands that make up the board give it the same degree of strength and flexibility, making it the ideal material for a number of construction situations.

    The main difference between plywood and OSB is that the latter is cheaper, which means it is more commonly used as a sheathing material in walls, floors and ceilings in modern construction. Two types of OSB are available to those looking to use the material: OSB2, the most cost-effective board on the market for structural and non-structural uses in dry, interior conditions, and OSB3, which is conditioned to withstand moisture and is therefore ideal for exterior structural uses such as roofing and hoarding.

    Here at, we supply both types of OSB in a variety of sizes and dimensions at great prices. Another reason why OSB is used more and more in construction projects is that it is made from smaller, faster-growing trees and therefore complies with a sustainable programme of sourcing wood. This means that by using OSB you can rest assured that you are using an environmentally friendly material, which is compliant with FSC and PEFC building regulations.

    Contact us today to discuss how we can supply you with cheap, versatile OSB through our expert service.

  • Plywood

    We are the premier UK based supplier of plywood for building and construction. Plywood sheets are an incredibly versatile material, and we have a huge range available here at Our plywood sheets are available with a range of impressive properties, such as exterior plywood and water and boil proof plywood for outside use when combined with water-resistant adhesives to withstand moisture.

    From shuttering plywood for protecting property from vandalism to marine plywood for use on boats and docks, we've got the plywood to suit any project at low prices. Marine plywood is stronger than most ply and it is easier to mould, bend and cut than fibreglass, but what is most impressive is its ability to resist warping from excessive heat and damp conditions.

    All of our types of plywood are available in a variety of different sizes and dimensions and we are happy to assist with calculations to ensure you only order what you need. Contact us today to discuss how we can supply you with the ideal plywood to suit your project. Whether you're a trade or a domestic customer, our expert team are on hand to help you with whatever you need, and can even offer you a discount, so you can be sure to receive the best products from the best service, at the best plywood prices.