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When looking to cultivate a beautiful garden, a healthy lawn, or to grow your own fruits and vegetables, garden soil can be a crucial step. Often, the natural soil within your garden or allotment will be of a low quality, with a dry and compact appearance. 

Garden soil provides a ready mixed soil designed to offer the nutrients needed for various plants and purposes, and is a vital tool for landscapers and gardeners.

Quality Garden Soil Delivered Nationwide

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Building Materials Nationwide sells a range of quality landscaping products to customers across the UK, both professionals and dedicated DIYers. Our selection of gardening soils covers both quality topsoils and compost, in a range of sizes:

  • Vegegrow Topsoil: This 100% peat-free organic blend is intended to be used for vegetable growth, perfect for allotments and garden vegetable patches.
  • Topdressing Sand & Soil Mix:This is a mixture of silica sand and black topsoil that has been carefully screened and is intended to be used for an existing lawn, improving its appearance in areas where it has become withered or brown. This product is ideal for professional gardens where a consistent appearance is crucial.
  • Lawn Mix Topsoil: This topsoil is intended for laying turf or planting grass, with a natural sandy loam. It has larger stones than other topsoils to aid drainage, a crucial element of a healthy lawn.
  • Bordermix: This topsoil is intended for flower beds, greenhouses and planters, made from a combination of topsoil and compost.
  • Multi-purpose Compost: This multi-purpose compost is intended for a variety of uses within a garden or allotment, offering a nutrient-rich blend. It’s important to remember that this is not a topsoil alternative, but rather an additional component.
  • Organic Manure / Mushroom Compost: This alternative compost soil is intended for a range of uses, such as vegetable gardens, plants, and flowers.

Our team aims to offer professionals the exact components and materials they need for their work from a single handy location. Whatever garden soils you require, sign up for a trade account and speak to your dedicated account manager today.

Our Full Range

  1. Bordermix Topsoil (900/001/97488)


    • Bulk/Small Bags Available
    • Screened to 14mm
    Price from: £110.35 £132.42
  2. Lawnmix Topsoil (900/001/97487)


    • Bulk/Small Bags Available
    • Peat free
    Price from: £104.59 £125.51
  3. Vegegrow Topsoil (009/001/97489)


    • Bulk/Small Bags Available
    • 100% peat-free organic blend
    Price from: £110.35 £132.42

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What Types of Garden Soil Are Sold?

While all garden soils are intended to aid the overall quality of your soil and the growth of a range of plants, there are several different types available for sale across the UK. Here are some of the options available to you.

  • Topsoil: Your topsoil will be the highest layer of a soil bed, a crucial source of nutrients that will help all plants grow. As such, when gardeners are looking to improve the quality of their garden soil topsoil will be the product they typically buy. When looking to buy topsoil through companies like Building Materials Nationwide there will be a selection available, tailored around specific growing needs like lawns or vegetable plots.
  • Potting Soil: This garden soil type is intended specifically to be used within smaller containers like plant pots. There will be potting mixes intended for either indoor or outdoor usage, with this soil both lighter and more porous than other topsoils.
  • Compost: Compost is technically not garden soil, but will often be sold alongside other garden soil products. Made from decomposing organic matter, compost will improve the quality of soil due to its high concentration of nutrients and beneficial microorganisms. It will need to be used in addition to gardening soil products.


What is garden soil made from?

Due to the large assortment of soil types across the globe, the exact composition of natural garden soil can vary, but will always be made of a blend of natural elements like sand, silt, and clay, alongside compost. Topsoils and other garden soil blends sold across the UK will be made up of carefully proportioned blends of these elements.

Who needs garden soil?

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