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Multi-purpose compost, as its name suggests, can be used in a number of different ways, and stands as an incredibly versatile compost type. Used for enriching and rejuvenating soils ready for planting or potting. Multi-purpose compost is a reliable and effective way to give your flowers, vegetables, and grass all the nutrients they need and keep your garden healthy.

One of the largest benefits of multi-purpose compost is its versatility, with gardeners using it in a number of ways and environments. You can even use it in plant containers such as raised beds and hanging baskets. 

Our Range of Multi-Purpose Compost

We offer a complete range of compost, soil, and other useful garden accessories and treatments. Our multi-purpose compost is particularly special, made with 100% organic raw materials and entirely friable, meaning it can be easily fragmented and spread evenly over your plot. 

Compost is also designed to aid drainage when watering your plot and more effective moisture retention, keeping your plants hydrated more consistently. 

Our range comes in three quantities:

  • 500kg: Made up of twenty 25kg bags.
  • 750kg: Made up of one ‘bulk bag’.
  • 1000kg: Made up of forty 25kg bags.

This nutrient-rich composition is incredibly beneficial to the health of your plants, providing them with all the vitamins and minerals they need to survive fallow periods and winter months. 

Choose a Peat-Free Alternative 

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All of the multi-purpose compost we sell is peat-free. This is important, as the extraction of peat from the earth can be harmful in several ways. 

Peat is known as a ‘carbon sink’ which means it naturally absorbs a lot of carbon dioxide from our atmosphere. Without it, not only will the surrounding ecosystems that rely on its nutrients suffer, but our planet-wide carbon emissions will rise. 

Peat-free compost works just as well as peat-based alternatives, and often has its own benefits specific to it. Our range of multi-purpose compost is made with organic ingredients that have not been treated with chemicals. This serves your plant life, producing much healthier growths and more nutrient-dense fruits and vegetables.

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Will multi-purpose compost work for all types of plants?

You can mix multi-purpose compost into almost any kind of soil bed, for all sorts of plant life including fruits and vegetables, flowers and shrubs, and even small trees. As with all kinds of compost, you need to follow the user instructions, and this will help to ensure that the pH levels of your mix are compatible with your plant and plot.

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