3rd Apr 2023 -

Wooden fence panelling can add a traditional and natural touch to your garden area and comes in a wide range of finishes and styles. Wooden fence panels are extremely versatile and almost guaranteed to suit any garden they are installed in.

In this article, we will explore our range of wooden fence panels, highlight the benefits they provide, and offer answers to some of your most frequently asked questions.

Our Range of Wooden Fence Panels

Our range of fencing and accessories is vast. We have a base range of pressure-treated shiplap fencing, composed of vertical and horizontal battens that strengthen and enhance the look. From there, our range is put in your hands. We can source any size, any design, and any type of wood you require, made and delivered straight to your door.


    • Extra vertical battens for added strength
    • Pressure treated for durability and dip treated to resist rot
    Price from: £28.71 £34.45
  2. 4 - 5 Week Delivery

    • Durable and eco-friendly solution for fencing projects
    • Designed to withstand outdoor elements
    £24.64 £29.57

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The Benefits of Wooden Fence Panels

When you select wooden fence panels from Building Materials for your outdoor area, you not only receive a quality addition to your home but also a set of unique privileges, including:

  • A Natural Look: Real wood has an unbeatable aesthetic, and will always blend perfectly with natural environments and more traditional properties.
  • Full Versatility: The wooden fence panels we provide come in an almost endless range of sizes, styles, and finishes. Wood, as a material, is also very easy to paint – so wooden fence panels can be customised and revitalised whenever you feel the need.
  • Forgiving Durability: High-quality wooden products, like those we source, naturally strengthen over time. And with the right treatments, wooden surfaces can become resistant to decay, rot, and infestation.
  • Increased Privacy: Adding any kind of fence, regardless of material, will bolster your property’s privacy and security. A well-made fence will also reduce noise pollution from busy streets and preserve your auditory comfort inside and outside your home.
  • A Strong Investment: Hemming your garden with an attractive wooden fence is the perfect finishing touch. And with their long-lasting and adaptable nature, wooden fence panels are a brilliant investment for current and future homeowners.

Reap the Rewards of a Trade Account

With a trade account, sourcing and buying wooden fence panelling has never been easier. When you sign up, you will instantly receive your own dedicated account manager who will handle all of the nitty-gritty details for you, as well as exclusive access to our full range of products and flexible credit plans. 


What is the best type of wood for fence panels?

Most hardwoods will work well for garden fencing, the choice between them is mostly dependent on style. Some popular examples of wood types include pine, cedar, cypress, and redwood. If you can budget for it, oak is also a brilliant choice for its classic look and durability.

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