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As the demand for eco-friendly construction increases, Kingspan is at the forefront of innovation and reliability. With a commitment to improve the way we insulate buildings, Kingspan promotes a modern era of energy-efficient construction.

For this feature, we explore how Kingspan insulation reshapes architecture and construction. From enhancing thermal performance to reducing carbon footprints, Kingspan's solutions help lower energy costs and environmental impact.

How much does insulation affect energy efficiency?

While the benefits are undeniable, the degree to which insulation optimises energy usage depends on several key factors. Insulation quality and R-value play a key role in determining overall energy savings. An R-value is determined by measuring the thermal resistance of insulation. It shows how effectively it resists heat flow.

Premium insulation solutions include Kingspan's cutting-edge products with high thermal resistance ratings. An uninsulated wall may only achieve R-values of 4-7, while blown-in insulation hits R-30. However, rigid insulation boards can achieve values over R-60.

Maximise the insulation properties by selecting the highest possible R-value for the application. When you properly lay or install insulation, it minimises air infiltration to further boost efficiency. 

With high-quality insulation and flawless installation, buildings can achieve high energy savings compared to uninsulated structures.

7 Kingspan energy efficiency benefits 

Through precise engineering, Kingspan's products are tailored to optimise thermal performance. Each insulation product effectively reduces heat loss and lowers energy consumption within buildings. Below are 7 key energy efficiency benefits to consider.

1. Maximise thermal resistance

Kingspan's closed-cell insulation includes materials like air-entrained concrete and rigid thermoset insulation. This combination can achieve an impressive thermal conductivity value as low as 0.018 Watts per Metre Kelvin (W/m.K). Build thermally resistant envelopes that restrict heat flow, minimising transfer through wall, roof and floor areas.

2. Optimise cooling and heating costs

Buildings insulated with Kingspan's high-performance solutions require less energy for heating and cooling compared to non-insulated structures. As a result, it lessens the demand for the use of HVAC systems. This means substantial reductions in annual operating costs.

3. Exceed building efficiency standards

Kingspan insulation ensures effortless compliance with rigorous energy efficiency standards. For example, the Kingspan U-value, thermal bridging and air permeability requirements outlined in the Building Regulations Part L (England and Wales) and Section 6 (Energy) - Scotland are met.

4. Earn valuable BREEAM credits

It contributes to sustainable design goals and Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Methodology (BREEAM) credits. For top credits across categories like Energy and Materials, introduce Kingspan's premium insulation throughout the building envelope.

5. Combat thermal bridging

Eliminate costly energy losses stemming from thermal bridges with Kingspan insulated panels. Seamlessly integrated insulation layers prevent thermal shortcuts, maintaining consistent and comfortable interior temperatures.

6. Protect HVAC lifespan

Highly insulated envelopes drastically lighten heating and cooling loads, decreasing strain on HVAC units. Boost equipment longevity and cut lifecycle costs through reduced maintenance and replacements.

7. Future-proof builds

Build energy-efficient structures prepared for tightening regulations and stricter efficiency standards in the years ahead. Align design with ambitious net-zero energy initiatives by integrating high-quality insulation.

What is the best Kingspan solution for you?

From premium Kingspan insulation boards to complete integrated systems, leverage innovative solutions purpose-built to maximise energy efficiency. Discover the top insulation products engineered to slash energy costs and environmental impact. 

Kooltherm Insulation Boards

Leverage premium rigid thermoset insulation with unrivalled thermal efficiency. Kingspan Kooltherm boards boast incredibly low thermal conductivity values as low as 0.019 - 0.022 W/m.K. 

From Kingspan floor insulation to Kingspan roof insulation, these closed-cell insulation panels minimise heat transfer and air infiltration. They are ideal for new-build and renovation projects requiring exceptional thermal resistance.

Thermaroof Roofing Systems

Install high-performance roofing solutions engineered for maximum energy efficiency. Thermaroof assemblies combine structural strength with top-notch insulation to deliver incredible thermal values up to 0.024 - 0.027 W/m2K. 

These fully integrated systems include vapour barrier layers and eliminate thermal bridging. Thermaroof ensures constant temperature regulation and drastically reduced energy demands for climate control.

Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs)

Construct ultra-airtight and thermally superior building envelopes with Kingspan's Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs). These advanced panels unite insulation with structural elements for a fully bonded solution. 

Kingspan's closed-cell insulation cores achieve R-values over 7.7/inch. SIPs create incredibly efficient air-tight shells that minimise energy losses.

Thermapitch TP10 Insulation

Optimise thermal performance in pitched roof assemblies with these specialised insulation components. Thermapitch combines rigid insulation boards with integral breather membranes to seal the structure and restrict air leakage. Minimise thermal bridging and boost U-values for loft spaces and flat roofs.

Kingspan GreenGuard

Used for applications including Kingspan cavity wall insulation, GreenGuard offers outstanding thermal conductivity as low as 0.034 W/m.K to minimise heat transfer. Its glass-reinforced polymer facing enhances durability for long-lasting thermal resistance. 

Its unique composition allows vapour permeability while restricting airflow to mitigate thermal bridging. Eliminate costly energy losses through thermal shorts at wall ties and penetrations.

How to install Kingspan insulation - top tips

Proper application is important for minimising thermal bridging and air infiltration to achieve maximum thermal resistance. Discover the crucial installation methods to experience year-round energy efficiency. 

Kooltherm Insulation Boards

Install Kooltherm boards with staggered joints and tightly butted edges to eliminate direct thermal pathways that allow heat transfer. Fill any gaps with insulation slivers to prevent air leakage. 

Secure using plastic-capped nails or adhesive without penetrating the insulation. For Kingspan wall insulation, carefully fit boards between studs or sheathing to maintain continuous coverage. Install boards between 25mm and 100mm thick to maximise the performance of Kooltherm's thermal resistance.

Thermaroof Roofing Systems

Ensuring continuous insulation coverage across the whole roof surface is critical for Thermaroof systems. Use single-piece panels when possible, staggering joints between insulation layers and components. 

Secure each sheet with thermally broken fasteners to avoid thermal bridging. Increasing insulation thickness from 80mm up to 160mm significantly boosts thermal performance to restrict heat flow.


Tightly join SIPs panel edges using cam locks to create an impermeable air barrier. Seal joints between panels with specialised SIPs tape and foam sealant, preventing thermal losses from air infiltration. SIPs thicknesses range from 142mm up to 172mm, allowing high R-values and optimised thermal efficiency.

Thermapitch TP10 Insulation

Precise fitting of Kingspan Thermapitch components tightly between rafters with staggered joints is key for an effective thermal envelope. Connect breather membranes and tape all joints to maintain an unbroken moisture-resistant air barrier. A range of thicknesses from 25mm Kingspan to 100mm Kingspan maximise thermal resistance in lofts and roofs. 

Kingspan GreenGuard

Specify GreenGuard for continuous insulation on masonry cavity walls to control thermal bridging. Secure boards using spot adhesive or mechanically fix them into place. Apply external grade sealant around penetrations and edges. From 50mm Kingspan GreenGuard to 150mm board thicknesses, they provide superb thermal resistance.

Kingspan insulation checklist: Key factors

Precise application is critical for maximising the full energy efficiency capabilities. Adhere to this comprehensive checklist to achieve every possible efficiency benefit.

  • Choose insulation thicknesses wisely: Specify maximum insulation millimetres to achieve superior thermal resistance and R-values. Increased Kingspan insulation directly correlates with restricted heat flow.
  • Ensure continuous insulation coverage: Maintain unbroken insulation layers across the full building envelope without gaps that allow thermal bridging.
  • Stagger all insulation joints: Prevent direct thermal pathways by staggering joints between insulation boards, panels and other system components.
  • Seal joints and penetrations: Use specialised tapes, sealants and accessories to create air barriers around joints, edges and penetrations.
  • Secure insulation properly: Follow approved methods like thermally broken fasteners, plastic nails or adhesives to attach insulation without compromising thermal resistance.
  • Integrate insulation systems: Combine solutions like Thermaroof, SIPs and Thermapitch for superior insulated roof, wall and floor structures.
  • Consider continuous insulation: Incorporate products like GreenGuard for continuous exterior insulation that controls thermal bridging.
  • Conduct thorough air sealing: Minimise air infiltration through insulation cavities using sealants, membranes and correct insulation fitting.

Can you access Kingspan insulation at Building Materials Nationwide?

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