4th Aug 2020 -

Sponsorship with The University of Birmingham Hockey Club

The University of Birmingham Hockey Club currently has a total of 242 members, this is split between 6 men’s teams and 6 women’s teams. The club is predominantly made up of university students with a handful of members being post-graduates or young professionals. 

The women’s 1st team play in the Investec Premier Division and the men’s 1s and women’s 2s also play in a national league. With the Men’s 2nd team having just achieved a promotion also landing them in the national league, this now means that the University of Birmingham Hockey Club is the only club in the country with 4 national league sides. This unprecedented achievement makes the University of Birmingham Hockey Club the most successful hockey club in the country. The other 8 teams play in a range of regional and county leagues. 

This being said, you can imagine our expression when Freya; a member of the women's team got in contact with us and asked us to sponsor UOBHC. Freya has been a friend for years, so when she mentioned the team were looking for a sponsorship we couldn't ignore the opportunity to get involved!

If you would like to head to the teams website and find out more click here.