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What Are Steel Frame Systems?

Steel frame systems (SFS) are modern structural systems which are designed for the easy, fast construction of modern framed buildings. They allow steel columns, steel beams and other structural components to be assembled in a framing pattern. From this, they create support for floors, roofs, walls, and other internal parts like partitioning and cladding. SFS systems are proving an increasingly popular choice in modern buildings, compared to other construction materials.

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Why Should You Use SFS Systems?

SFS framing is made from cold-rolled steel sections, meaning they come with all the benefits of structural steel. The steel framing is compatible with a massive range of external finishes, ranging from timber cladding to traditional brickwork. The components are typically fabricated off-site to fit the required specifications before being sent to the site.

Some typical applications of a steel frame structure include apartment buildings, retail units, hotels and schools. Using SFS has become more prominent over the years. And when you consider the advantages, it is clear to see why that is the case.

Benefits of SFS

  • Strength – steel is incredibly dense and can support huge loads, compared to timber frame systems. Its higher density means that steel frames, while heavier than concrete or timber, can support heftier loads on a beam of the same size.
  • Time-saving – steel frames are prefabricated. This means that they are immediately ready to be assembled (via bolting or welding) when they arrive at a site. As a result, this makes for a swift, easy process of installation if time is against you.
  • Flexible – steel can be cut and shaped to your exact desired requirements, meaning it is compatible and suitable for a wide range of diverse designs. This means you can create a structurally stable framing system while also bringing a unique vision to life. Structural steel frames are also easy to modify or alter, should any renovation or expansion work be on the cards.
  • Durable – SFS can last significantly longer than timber or concrete - steel does not split or crack the more it ages. Provided the steel has been adequately finished or primed, it will not succumb to corrosion, nor will it warp or rot when exposed to moisture.
  • Cost-effective – given that SFS steel framing systems are fabricated off-site, you can reduce your on-site expenses significantly. As we have said, steel is incredibly durable, so costs for maintenance, repair or replacements will be exponentially lower.
  • Sustainable – steel is infinitely recyclable as a material, meaning that your carbon footprint will be substantially lower.
  • Safe – steel is a non-combustible material, meaning it will not pose a fire risk. An SFS structural framing system will ensure structural integrity when faced with extreme weather. While this weather poses a higher risk for larger buildings, having an SFS structure in place will provide stability and optimum protection.
Construction workers wearing hi-vis vets and hard hats working on an exterior steel frame system (SFS) project. against a light blue sky.

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