28th Nov 2022 -

Lick Paint is a newcomer in the decorating industry, but it has already established itself as a popular luxury brand. Most of the leading paint brands in the UK align themselves with traditional styling, but Lick seeks to innovate through minimalist colour schemes and a focus on sustainability.

The company specialises in water-based paints, offering a variety of finishes for just about any surface, from walls to floors, wood to masonry, and everything in between, including furniture and radiators. They also offer forest-friendly wallpapers and an impressive selection of branded tools, including brushes, rollers, and wall repair kits – making them a fully-fledged, one-stop for all of your wildest decorating needs and dreams. In this quick guide, we’ll look through some of their paint options, and the benefits that Lick paints can offer to a decorating project.

Budget-Friendly Interior Design with Lick Paint

When it comes to choosing between designer and trade paint brands, a ‘bit-of-both’ approach can go a long way. The larger price tag of luxury paints can make them better suited for showpiece rooms, while less used or less visible areas are better served by a standard paint brand. However, in comparison to other designer-grade brands Lick sells at a lower standard cost – with 2.5 litres of paint costing about £42. 

Choose Sustainability and Low-Impact Decorating

Since its founding in 2019, Lick has already made considerable steps toward maintaining a low environmental impact. Their efforts have resulted in nearly 4,600 kg of plastic removed from oceans, nearly 10,000 trees planted as a result of their work with managed woodlands as a source for their wallpaper range, and almost 10 million litres of water donated through their partnership with Charity: Water

Paint in Greener Shades

The green steps do not stop there. Lick’s entire range has been carefully designed with environmental impact in mind. Their paints are water-based, resulting in fewer emissions than oil-based alternatives. They are also made to order, meaning unnecessary waste is greatly reduced. 

Future-Proof Wallpapers

Their wallpapers are made from wood harvested from managed woodlands, which means for every fully-grown tree that is taken, several fast-growing saplings are planted for future supply. They are also mindful to use excess cut-offs in the packaging process.

Tools Fit for Eco Warriors

Their exclusive line of tools has been engineered with designers in mind, manufactured from sustainably farmed bamboo, meaning they are fully biodegradable. Even their paint trays are made from sugarcane pulp, further reducing plastic use.

Eggshell Paint

The People-Centred Paint Supplier

Lick’s approach to manufacturing and distribution is people first. This shows across their range, from the tools designed and perfected by real decorators to their beautifully curated paint collection in rich and impactful finishes and shades. Lick offers upfront service and quality products, underlined by their commitment to reducing environmental harm.

Upgrade to LickPro

Lick has recently launched a new line of ‘Pro’ paints, created for professionals who are looking for high-opacity and durable paint with exquisite finishes. The range comes in 2.5-litre and 5-litre tins, like the rest of their paint collection, and boasts low splatter application and a trend-led colour selection. 

Where to Buy Lick Paint

If you are looking for a beautiful paint range at a competitive luxury price, Lick Paints offer a selection of paint types in attractive colours that are ideal for everything from bathrooms and kitchens to outdoor and exterior use on features like uPVC windows and doors. Trade options are now available as well.

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