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Celotex, originally an American brand, is now owned by the large French multinational corporation, Compagnie de Saint-Gobain.  Compagnie de Saint-Gobain also operates many of the other recognisable and formerly independent plasterboard manufacturers under the same umbrella - including notable brands such as British Gypsum. 

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Celotex - History and Reputation 

Celotex has a long history spanning over 90 years. It was founded in the United States in the 1920s and helped to popularise the use of fibreboard and plasterboard as a viable building material - an uncommon practice at the time. However, by the late 1980s and early 1990s, the company had become embroiled in lawsuits relating to the use of asbestos in their products - a sadly common practice at the time when the dangers were unknown. 

After declaring bankruptcy, the firm was sold off to British Gypsum - which was ultimately acquired by Saint Gobain - and Celotex insulated plasterboard is now their product. Celotex is suitable for a variety of new build and refurbishment projects.

Celotex insulated plasterboard is perhaps most notable for its high-performance thermal insulation, using a special polyisocyanurate (PIR) foam core and a laminated backing. 

As a result of being especially suitable for thermal insulation, Celotex insulated plasterboard is most commonly used in the following settings:

  • Residential: Celotex insulated plasterboard is good for making houses in the UK capable of dealing with the climate, which can become cold in the winter. Whether it is stud partitions, external walls, masonry walls, floors or ceilings Celotex can provide effective insulation for a home.
  • Commercial: Fitting out offices with a Celotex board will make them more comfortable for the occupants and will also ensure that businesses do not waste energy. Celotex boards are available with a tapered edge, which helps with reducing installation times and so is ideal for a business.
  • Industrial: Whether it’s a food processing plant that requires a certain temperature level or simply a warehouse with spoilable goods, Celotex’s laminated boards can greatly help industrial operations. There is a wide variety of thicknesses available suitable for demanding environments.

Overall, Celotex insulated plasterboard is a robust, high-performing, multipurpose board. One thing you need to remember about Celotex is that as a PIR board, they are often thicker than other boards because the PIR insulation is bonded to the other side. 

What Are Some Celotex Plasterboard Products?

The following are some well-known plasterboard products made by Celotex, these boards were previously part of the PL3000 series:

Celotex PL4040 

The PL4040 boards use a laminated design with 40 mm of PIR foam insulation and a 12.5 mm tapered edge plasterboard, which gives you a BRE Green Guide A+ rating. The rigid PIR foam core has a thermal conductivity value of just 0.022 W/m.K.

PL4040 boards can be dot and dabbed or mechanically fixed and can help walls, ceilings and floors in a building to comply with Building Regulations for heat loss.

Celotex PL4050

When greater levels of insulation are required the Celotex PL4050 boards work nicely, giving you 50 mm of rigid polyisocyanurate (PIR) foam. This board has a total thickness of 62.5 mm and will offer excellent insulation. It still has a BRE Green Guide A+ rating but will get a good boost from those extra 10 mms of PIR. 

At 50 mm of PIR you will start to see a board encroaching more on floor space, so be aware of this if installing boards in a cramped area or room designed for living.

Celotex PL4065

This product is an example of Celotex at its peak, so while it performs well in terms of heat insulation it also uses a whopping 60 mm of PIR foam to do so. The laminated boards and ultra-thick foam will provide effective thermal insulation for commercial areas or public-sector spaces, such as schools and universities. 

Despite their large thickness, PL4065 boards will be relatively swift to install as they are designed with a tapered edge and can still be fixed by using an adhesive.

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How Much is Celotex?

Celotex is a fairly top-end product in terms of price, but the varying thicknesses and sizes make it difficult to confirm a specific amount. The higher cost is largely due to the foam and the difficulty in manufacturing this type of board.  

Of course, you will need a reliable supplier. If suppliers are unable to deliver as quickly as you would like this is a bad sign so look for fast and flexible delivery of collection as signs of higher quality services.

Are Celotex Boards Good for the Environment?

Celotex boards provide excellent thermal insulation - so this is very good for the environment. However, there are some environmental concerns when it comes to the use of foam in the boards. 

Although some PIR products do have a lower ozone depletion potential, thermal insulation benefits can offset the risk and all harmful substances, such as CFCs and HCFCs, are dealt with during the manufacturing process. 

So, overall Celotex is a product that will provide environmental benefits.

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How to Fix Celotex Insulated Plasterboard

There are a couple of things to remember when fixing Celotex plasterboard, but overall it is a robust, versatile board that is quite easy to cut to size and install in walls, ceilings or floors.

Due to the thickness of the Celotex insulated plasterboard, you will need to use longer screws. Long drywall screws will be sufficient for all types of boards, and if you are using the dot-and-dab method with adhesives you will be relieved to learn that PIR is extremely lightweight. 

Due to the need for effective insulation in many areas of a building, you will often use large numbers of Celotex boards during an installation. As a result, tapered edges are the best option if you have to fit a lot of plasterboard in one operation.

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