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Kingspan insulated plasterboard has long been a familiar sight in the UK’s dry lining market. The Kingspan Group is a publicly traded company with a long history in the trade with a reputation for high quality and good prices. Overall, Kingspan’s building materials are reliable. However, specialist plasterboards, such as those for acoustic insulation, are uncommon within their product line

Kingspan’s History and Reputation

Kingspan was founded in Ireland during the 1960s and now has a reach that stretches across the European continent. It is currently trading on both the London Stock Exchange and the Euronext exchange group. Rapid growth through manufacturing plants and purchases of other companies has helped Kingspan to gain a considerable foothold in the insulated plasterboard space.

As most Kingspan insulated plasterboards are primarily known for their thermal insulation, they are positioned towards sectors that require such materials. Industries and sectors Kingspan supply include the following: 

  • Commercial and residential buildings: Kingspan insulated plasterboard can help to boost a building's green credentials, as such the company looks to developers who want to offer environmentally friendly buildings that cost less to heat to potential buyers and tenants. This includes many residential or commercial buildings, from individual houses to skyscrapers.
  • Education: Many governments across Europe are seeking to reach net-zero emissions and have many other targets. There are several legislative demands for schools or universities to comply with certain standards and contribute to reaching these goals. Kingspan is looking to be a key player in the race to make the renewing educational sector hit its target.
  • Health and residential care: Kingspan is looking to play a role in the development of modern healthcare facilities and new care homes for ageing populations, something that is emerging as a long-term necessity for the demographics of many developed countries in Europe. Kingspan products create thermally efficient environments ideal for all types of care.

Kingspan’s product line is focused on internal wall insulation and not exterior cladding, so their boards will work in a variety of settings including domestic, commercial and DIY projects. You can buy it with confidence and know Kingspan boards are suitable for most projects and available at good prices.

You can buy Kingspan insulated plasterboard with confidence. However, you still need to find a reliable provider. Many suppliers have slow delivery times and do not have everything in stock. Look for fast, flexible delivery and collection options as well the ability to open trade accounts as a key indicator of high-quality service. 

A construction worker wearing a white t-shirt, blue trousers, gloves and a yellow hard hat installing plasterboard on a wall in front of wool insulation.

What Kingspan Insulation Products Are There?

Kingspan is a reliable brand with a range of products suitable for all sorts of trades doing business in the UK - with generally good quality at a good price. However, particularly good Kingspan insulated plasterboard products include the following:

  • Kingspan Kooltherm K118 Insulated Plasterboard: This is an excellent product for demonstrating the capabilities of Kingspan’s main claim to fame, top-level thermal efficiency. The product is a premium performance board and has a low lambda value - meaning it has low conductivity. It also uses a thermoset phenolic core to retain more heat. The insulation has a 12.5mm thick board bonded to its surface and comes with a foil face on the reverse. You can use it with mechanical fixings or adhesives.
  • Kingspan Kooltherm K17 Insulated Plasterboard: If you are looking for a premium performance board but are not completely sure about the prices involved, Kooltherm K17 is a good option. It is still a premium performance insulating board and Kingspan boards are available in many thicknesses including 37.5mm, 50mm and 92.5mm. This board also has fantastic fire protection, with a class 0 rating for both the insulation and the insulation core. Great for new builds and refurbishments.

Does Kingspan Need a Vapour Barrier?

Many Kingspan products make use of vapour-resisting substances such as polyethene laminates, foil backing, foil facing and composite designs - where the vapour protection is internal to the board itself. Kingspan Kooltherm K118 is a good example of a composite product. As a result, depending on the type of Kingspan insulated plasterboard you get, you do not normally need a vapour barrier.

Can You Plaster Over Kingspan Insulation?

Yes. You can add Kingspan insulation to existing plastered walls and you can plaster over any boards - but you should fix them securely in place. If applying the boards to existing plastered walls remember that you will need to make sure that the plaster is in good condition, so thoroughly check that it is dry and solid before starting. Kingspan Kooltherm K118 Insulated plasterboard is suitable for existing cavity walls. You can buy K118 products and bond them to cavity walls, as well as masonry walls, for better insulation without any issue.

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How to Fix Kingspan Insulated Plasterboard

Most Kingspan insulated plasterboard is suitable for mechanically fixed drywall screws or adhesives. However, ceilings will require mechanical fixings. Kingspan insulated plasterboard is generally easy to work with, so you can treat it like any other type of board. 

As many boards feature layers to promote better insulation, such as a thin emissivity composite foil on the back of the board, it is best to use an adhesive and dot and dab the walls with adhesive before affixing your boards. You can help to make sure that your boards perform best with an adhesive - as there will be no gaps in the insulation. 

The Kingspan Products You Need, Delivered

Kingspan is a high thermal-insulation dry lining manufacturer with a reputation for consistent quality at good prices. However, when it comes to specialist boards of insulation like sound insulation, Kingspan’s dry lining materials may not be the best choice. We offer a full range of plasterboards through our website to ensure our customers can make the best choice for their projects.

For professional customers, our trade accounts provide several crucial benefits. We'll be able to source you whatever you need, across Kingspan and beyond, organise delivery, and quote you a competitive trade price. Sign up for a trade account today, or tell us what you need through the form below.

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