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So, you know what a stud wall is, but what about the wall studs themselves? Effectively, the wall stud is a long, thin piece of timber or metal that forms the main structural support for the frame of your stud wall. The wall studs form the vertical upright portion of a wall frame. The top and sole plates of the frame are fitted to the floor and ceiling and the wall studs are added, evenly spaced along the length of the wall. 

Metal stud walls in a new build property

What Types of Wall Studs Are There?

There are two main types of wall studs commonly used in the construction of partition walls: timber and metal. Each has its different advantages.

  • Timber wall studs: Timber is quite cost-effective and versatile, you can easily saw and shape timber to fit any space. 
  • Metal wall studs: Metal studs are a bit more stable than timber studs and they are also a non-combustible material.

Both types of wall studs are reliable building materials - capable of delivering a high-quality result. Of course, there are also a few disadvantages to using either timber or metal:

  • Drawbacks of timber studs: Timber is not the best option for fire protection, it also creates a large amount of mess.
  • Drawbacks of metal studs: Metal studs can be complicated to fix, especially as metal frames are a bit more intricate.

When you build a stud wall, the type of wall studs you choose will depend on the situation. Timber framing is good for partition walls in the home and steel studs are ideal for more commercial settings.

While timber studs are uniform in their appearance, metal studs have a few different shapes. These include a C-stud (shaped like the letter C) or an I-stud (shaped like the letter I).

Looking For Timber or Metal Studs?


    • Used to reinforce metal stud walls
    • 2100mm length
    Price from: £1.00 £1.20
  2. Acoustic C Stud (701/108/90988)


    • Manufactured to BS EN 14195
    • Improved screw retention
    Price from: £8.70 £10.44
  3. £7.53 £9.04

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