7th Dec 2022 -

2x2 timber can be used for a variety of construction purposes and more, and comes in a range of finishes. In this guide from Building Materials Nationwide we’ll look through the exact UK sizing of 2x2 timber, the different types available for sale, and their uses within a building project.

How is 2x2 Timber Sold in the UK?

Within the UK, all timber must be sold with metric measurements. While imperial measurements continue to be used informally within the UK and openly in the rest of the world, in the UK mm are the unit that timber will be sold in. The closest timber size to a 2x2 will be 50mm x 50mm, which is not an exact match as 2 inches is actually 50.8mm. When purchasing timber it’s also important to note that the actual size of the timber you receive will be smaller than the stated size due to drying and planing.

The Actual Size of 50mm x 50mm Timber

Nominal timber sizes, the sizes listed on the product, are the dimensions that the timber beams were originally cut to. This is referred to as green timber, and while it brings a couple of benefits for fine detailing, it is rarely used within construction projects due to the fact that it will naturally shrink over time. Most timber sold within the UK will have been kiln-dried – a process designed to bring its moisture levels below 20%. This makes it more sturdy and consistent, but will shrink the size of the wood. Timber may also have been planed on one or all sides. Planing is a process that will sand down wood to give it a smooth finish, removing imperfections and making it suitable for visible use within a building or furniture project. Planing will also reduce the size of the wood in order to smooth it out. These factors mean that the actual size in mm for timber sold as 50mm x 50mm will be around 38mm x 38mm in measurement.

What Lengths is 2x2 Timber Sold in?

Timber beams will be sold in a range of lengths across the UK. For instance, our range of C16 2x2 timber comes in the lengths 2.4m, 3m, 3.6m, 4.2m, and 4.8m.

What Types of 2x2 Timber Are Sold in the UK?

50mm x 50mm timber is sold in the UK with a range of different finishes and each of these will bring their own benefits with them, making them suitable for a variety of uses within a construction project. While hardwood options will be available, most options will be made with softwood.

  • PSE 2x2 Timber: Planed square edge timber is a timber that has been planed on every facing, leaving it with pointed corners. Planed timber is essential in any situation where your timber will be visible, especially if it is being touched. Rough sawn timber will be visually unappealing and can cause splinters when touched.
  • C16 Treated 2x2 Timber: Pressure treated timber, sometimes called tanalised timber, has been kiln-dried and treated with preservatives. This helps to make softwood timber resistant to both water and wood-boring insects. Treated timber is therefore suitable for outdoor use, either for external construction or fencing. Achieving a C16 grading means that the timber is certified to meet certain standards around strength and durability. C16 2x2 timber can therefore be used within smaller load-bearing structures and as part of timber framing.

What is 2x2 Timber Used For?

  • Visible Features Within a Building: PSE timber can be used for a wide variety of features within a building. Applications like edging and visible structural details can benefit from the fetching appearance of PSE 2x2 timber. Its square shape can also lend itself to uses within furniture, with its thinner size supporting the weight of a table or chair.
  • External Construction: When using a C16 treated 2x2 timber you’ll be able to accomplish a variety of garden constructions – both structural and aesthetic. Whether it’s used as posts for construction or to build garden furniture, this pressure-treated wood will offer solid strength and water resistance.

Our Range of 2x2 Timber For Sale

Building Materials Nationwide works with customers throughout the building industry and beyond, offering a range of quality 50mm x 50mm timber products that can be delivered across the UK. We stock attractive 2x2 planed timber and sturdy treated C16 timber, which are perfect for indoor and outdoor use respectively. We also offer trade accounts for our customers in the industry, giving you access to a dedicated account manager, our full range of supplies, and lightning-fast nationwide delivery options. Sign up for a trade account through our website today.