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When looking to use timber within a building project, rough-sawn timber will have an unattractive look and bring the risk of splinters with it. Thankfully, planed timber is available, with one or more smoothed surfaces that make it perfect for use within visible building components and furniture. In this guide from Building Materials Nationwide we’ll explain the types of planed timber, the sizes they come in, and their key uses within a building project.

What is Planed Timber?

Planing is the process of sanding timber to a uniform surface, removing any physical imperfections and giving it a pleasant appearance. Many construction projects that utilise timber will require it to be planed. Planed timber can be made with both hardwood and softwood; planed simply means that the beams have been smoothed on one or all sides.

What Are the Benefits of Planed Timber?

There are a couple of clear benefits to planed timber, the obvious one being that it allows the wood to be seen within a project, offering an attractive and smooth surface that can be used within a variety of furniture, flooring, shelves, and more. The other benefit of planed timber is that it is safer for those who come into contact with it. If you manufacture a piece of furniture or window frame from rough timber, not only will it be unattractive but it will also risk giving splinters to all who come into contact with it. This also makes it safer to handle as a builder or installer. The one drawback of planed timber is that it comes at a higher price tag than rough-sawn timber. While planing used to involve exhaustive manual effort, today it can be quickly accomplished by a machine.

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What Types of Planed Timber Are Available?

When it comes to planed timber, there are four different options available:

  • Rough Sawn: This is a timber that has been simply cut into beams and hasn’t been planed at all. This can be fine for certain structural purposes, and will offer a little extra thickness.
  • Planed Single Edge: Planed single-edged timber has been planed on one of the four sides – typically a wider face. This can be used in situations where only one side of the timber needs to be smoothed.
  • Planed Both Sides (PBS): Planed both sides timber is planed on the two wider faces. This has a few specific uses, such as for flooring which will also be seen from below.
  • Planed All Round (PAR): Planed all round timber is planed on every surface, for use in situations where all sides of the timber beam will be visible. Sometimes planed all round timber is referred to as Planed Square Edge (PSE) timber, meaning the edges aren’t rounded as they would be on CLS timber. Annoyingly, this means that PSE can mean two quite different products, though suppliers will clarify what they are referring to.

All types of timber can be planed, meaning that stronger models such as C16 or C24 timber can be planed for visible use. All softwood and hardwood timber will be given a smooth and attractive look through planing.

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What Are The Main Uses of Planed Timber?

Planed timber is essential in all visible building work. This means everything from floorboards, to window frames, to decking, and all furniture or other wooden products. Planed timber gives the wood a pleasing look and helps to make it safe to use. Depending on how many facings of your timber will be visible, you may be able to save money by purchasing beams that have only been planed on one or two faces. When using planed timber outdoors it’s important that you use pressure-treated wood to avoid issues with decay. This is sometimes referred to as tanalised timber. For timber that will not be visible, like stud battens, planing will be unnecessary.

Looking For Planed Timber?

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