Treated Timber

Treated Timber

We supply various treated timber sizes; this type of timber is available in a wide variety of thicknesses, each coming in a range of widths and lengths to choose from. Our treated timber prices are calculated per linear metre. We also supply C16 and C24 joists for treated and sawn timber, for additional sturdiness and weight support.

You can browse the above products for a wide range of treated timber, suitable for many projects. We can supply treated timber in the following common sizes:

  • 12mm treated timber
  • 2x1 treated timber
  • 2x2 treated timber
  • 2x4 treated timber
  • 3x1 treated timber
  • 3x2 treated timber
  • 3x3 treated timber
  • 4x1 treated timber
  • 4x2 treated timber
  • 4x3 treated timber
  • 4x4 treated timber
  • 50x50 treated timber
  • 5x1 treated timber
  • 5x2 treated timber
  • 6x1 treated timber
  • 6x2 treated timber
  • 75x50 treated timber
  • 8x1 treated timber
  • 9x2 treated timber

We understand the frustration that comes from unreliable, unresponsive suppliers, which is why offer all clients dedicated support when you need building materials such as treated timber. 

No matter what you need, we can help - even when supplies are hard to get. You will see our resourceful, efficient and professional service in action when you call us on 01628 674910.

Please read below for some answers to common questions and further information on our treated timber.

What is Treated Timber?

Treated sawn timber is timber that has been on the receiving end of chemicals being forced into the wood, usually using a vacuum cylinder. The wood treatment takes place in a pressurised environment, so the chemicals can penetrate deeply into the fibres of the wood and provide extra strength throughout.

What Are the Main Benefits of Using Treated Timber?

One of the many benefits of treated timber is the increased durability the wood receives as a result of treatment. You can think of timber treatment as a kind of toughening process, similar to how certain types of concrete are also treated to achieve maximum strength, impact resistance and scratch resistance.

Strength and durability aside, the following are some wonderful benefits of choosing treated wood for your building project:

  • Treated timber helps prevent rot: A rotten piece of wood could be disastrous in a structure. As a result, treated timber can help mitigate these risks and to create an extremely sturdy construction that stands the test of time.
  • Treated timber helps prevent decay: Insect attacks such as woodworm can thrive in the warm and dry conditions of a wood frame in a roof, wall and any other areas where wood is present. However, the wood preserving effects of the treatment process can help prevent decay, even in the case that insects become an issue.
  • Treated timber lasts longer: High-quality treated timber lasts longer than wood that has not been treated, such as rough sawn timber. You will get a long term performance with treated timber, which makes it a good investment as there is a low chance of any replacements or repairs being necessary.

Treated timber is ideal for decks, fence panels and fence posts, which will have to contend with a range of inclement weather conditions as well as a large weight. It also has popular use as studs for walls. 

Overall, treated timber has the same applications as untreated timber. Treated wood is also graded and regularised to separate strength classes and consistent sizes.

How is the Timber Treated?

Usually, the wood is pressure treated. The process is fairly simple but is important for ensuring many of the benefits to strength. 

There may be some variations to the chemicals used or the time it takes, depending on the strength grade of the timber. Once the wood is cut to its finished size the pressure treatment process works as follows:

  1. Wood is placed inside a special vacuum cylinder.
  2. When the wood is inside the vacuum, the air is completely drawn from it, thereby fully drying out the timber. 
  3. The chemical preservative is then flooded through the cylinder at high pressure, ensuring that it has been forced deep into the fibres of the wood.

There are green and brown versions of treated timber, which might be confusing. However, they are both types of carcassing timber and the only difference is that the brown timber has had a dye added to it, with green treated timber offering the same performance with a slightly different appearance and decorative finish.

Is Treated Timber Environmentally Friendly?

When you think of the chemicals involved you may find that you are a bit worried about treated timbers potential impact on the environment, or even your health, but treated timber does not use very strong chemicals or dangerous substances. 

For example, to prevent deterioration of the wood in damp buildings or when using wood outside, our treated carcassing timber has received a pressure treatment with a minimum-hazard preservative, such as TANALITH E. This helps to inhibit rot with no negative effects from the chemical.

All treated timber planks that we offer have been responsibly sourced, meaning they carry an eco-friendly footprint with them. Both the chemical processes and the sourcing of the timber itself are done with sustainability in mind.

What is the Best Treated Timber?

For pressure treated timber, we recommend CLS timber, which is kiln-dried for impressive levels of strength. When used for outdoor applications, CLS treated timber can help prevent against rotting, moisture and environmental damage that can soften the wood exterior.

For structural projects, it is a good idea to use special structural timber products for the best results. For a very clean and neat finish, you can use our planed square edge timber (PSE), which will give you high strength with a very aesthetically pleasing appearance, ideal for all kinds of indoor or outdoor work.

Get Treated Timber When You Need It

Treated timber is an amazingly sturdy and useful material with a wide range of potential uses. With high strength and resistance to rot and decay, treated timber is ideal for high-performance construction projects. 

We understand the frustration that comes from not being able to get the right building materials, which is why we go above and beyond to make sure that our clients have exactly what they need - even when supplies are hard to get.

We have many classes and sizes of treated timber available to buy with excellent delivery and collection options. Please feel free to call us on 01628 674910 to get your high-quality treated timber today.