100mm Aluminium Head Channel

Price from: £81.89 £98.27
  • Forms neat head detail
  • Aligns with splice plates
  • Can form abutment or fair end
  • Colour options available
  • also available 3658mm length

Aluminium Head Channels are available from us in a range of colours and two different lengths to suit your needs. This channel is 119mm wide and 32mm deep. The internal dimensions, of this particular channel, are designed to accommodate a 50mm steel stud, with two layers of 12.5mm plasterboard fastened to each side, although it is also possible to use a 73mm stud with single layers of 12.5mm boards. This channel is and used to secure the partition heads for both solid and glazed elevations and, where more than one channel are fitted end-to-end, can be aligned with a splice bracket. 90 and 135 degree corners will require mitring of this section and a aluminium bladed bench saw is recommended. System 4000 is a cost-effective, proven, aluminium-framed acoustic and fire performance system. With an extensive range of different styles, there is scope to easily create a bespoke layout, and style, designed to suit your exact needs. There are a range of single, or double-glazed, window and door-frame options, that integrate easily into our drywall systems, alongside manifestations, venetian blinds or switchable glass. Timber solid core paint grade, veneered, or laminated, doors can be incorporated into the system and these can be modified to include bespoke joinery options such as vision panels or acoustic drop seals. System 4000 can be fire-certified up to 30/0, and installed up to 3m in height although it is possible to construct significantly taller elevations contact us for details. This system is ideal for private meeting spaces, corridors or high traffic areas. Standard colours are readily available in RAL9010 white, BS00A05 grey, and satin anodised aluminium. Special colour options are also available at an additional cost and we advise you to contact us to establish their specific cost and availability. To speak to a member of our expert team about the different options available please contact us today.. There is little-to-no maintenance required, although O&M details are available upon request and in the future if your partitioning lay-out requirements change, then most of these components can be relocated, to fulfil your new requirements. If you're unsure which components you need, you can check out the modules in the system module section and select the quantity of each wall module type you require. We'll calculate and supply all the component parts for you.

More Information
More Information
EAN 5056399432163
Manufacturer BuildingMaterials.co.uk
Type Head Channel

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