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For the strongest concrete block buildings, you’ll need to opt for hollow concrete blocks. These dense, multi-purpose building components can be used within commercial and domestic buildings, reinforced with steel rebars and cement for high strength. In this guide from Building Materials Nations, we’ll explore the benefits offered by building with hollow concrete blocks, the sizes and cost of hollow concrete blocks, and the ways they can be used in both construction and gardening.

What Are Hollow Concrete Blocks?

Concrete blocks are a building material used for the construction of walls and buildings, produced from concrete moulded into a shape and heated within a kiln. They are layered like bricks, with mortar sealing each joint. Concrete blocks are used to build domestic and commercial buildings due to their strength, their versatility, and their typically lower price point compared to brick. 

While traditional blocks will be solid, hollow concrete blocks are also available. These cuboid blocks will usually have a solid outer shell with two or more large holes that fully pass through the block. These blocks will typically contain between 50% and 75% solid material out of their total volume. Blocks produced with cinders as an aggregate (either coal cinders or ash) will be called breeze blocks in the UK (and cinder blocks in America)

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The Benefits of Dense Hollow Concrete Blocks

Hollow concrete blocks bring a suite of benefits when used within a construction project:

  • Insulation: Concrete blocks offer both acoustic and thermal insulation. This means that a building such as a house that is constructed with concrete blocks will be protected from loud external noises like traffic. It can also limit noise transfer within a building, useful in places like schools and offices. Thermal insulation will benefit all buildings, reducing heat loss, which will, in turn, lower heating bills and benefit the environment.
  • Fire Resistance: Hollow concrete blocks are fire resistant to high temperatures, helping to limit the spread of fire through a building. Internal fire-resistant walls can be constructed from concrete blocks as part of a fire safety plan.
  • Cost-Effective: The larger size of concrete blocks compared to bricks reduces the labour needed for installation. Hollow concrete blocks are also lighter than solid alternatives and require fewer materials to construct.

What Size Are Hollow Concrete Blocks?

While sizes can differ to a greater extent than clay bricks, the standard size of a hollow concrete block will be 440mm in length and 215mm in height, with varying widths. We stock 440mm x 215mm hollow blocks in widths of 140mm and 215mm.

What do Hollow Concrete Blocks Cost?

While prices will fluctuate, as of the time of writing our 440mm x 215mm x 140mm hollow block is priced at £2.70 before VAT and our 440mm x 215mm x 215mm block is priced at £3.72 before VAT.

How Are Hollow Concrete Blocks Used in Construction?

Hollow concrete blocks are typically used for any construction project where strength is a priority. To make load-bearing walls using hollow concrete blocks, the holes will need to be filled with both reinforcement bars, known as rebars, and liquid cement. Rebars will normally be made from steel, and reinforced to ensure long-term performance. This will lead to a sturdy and consistent overall build. For locations where high strength is needed, such as larger houses or commercial buildings, using hollow concrete blocks reinforced with rebars and cement will be the best choice.

Hollow concrete blocks can also be used to construct a fire-resistant partition wall within a building, inhibiting the passage of flames in the event of a fire. 

How Are Hollow Concrete Blocks Used in a Garden?

While standard hollow bricks can have numerous applications within a garden, perfect for building a sturdy boundary wall within a garden, or a perimeter wall around one. There are also special decorative concrete blocks available, which are a popular feature within garden design. Commonly square, with a decorative hollowed pattern at their centre, these can be used as part of a railing, or to construct a wall.

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Building Materials Nationwide stocks a variety of concrete blocks through our website, including several hollow options. We also stock rebarscement, and mortar. We work with independent contractors and construction companies alike, aiming to offer everything they need in terms of building supplies, delivered across the UK at great prices. 

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