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With a wide range of quality bricks available, the London Brick Company has played a key role in the UK building industry for over 140 years. Today, LBC bricks are everywhere, coming in a range of styles and colours. In this guide from Building Materials Nationwide, we’ll explore the history of the LBC brick, look at some of the types available in the UK today, and a few of their potential uses within a building project.

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The History of LBC Bricks

Founded by James McCallum Craig in 1877, who set up a small company in Peterborough, the London Brick Company remains a major figure in the brick industry today. These “Fletton” bricks were transported to London by train, hence the name “London Brick”. 

From the peaks of the mid-twentieth century housing boom to the reduced demand of the current day, LBC bricks have remained a memorable name in the industry, and are estimated to be used for 5 million properties within the UK. London bricks are famous for containing a “Frog”, a name for the dimples on the top and bottom. Today the London Brick Company is owned by Forterra, but still produces its quality range from the Kings Dyke Brickworks near Peterborough.

What Types of LBC Brick Are Available?

LBC bricks are available in 23 styles and colours, each offering a different look for a building project. Here are some of the range available, focusing on red-facing bricks:

  • Tudor: A historical red brick, popular within houses for many years. The LBC Tudor brick has flashes of purple and three indented faces for a textured look.
  • Rustic: Another historical red clay brick, with three textured faces. This is a popular choice in housing.
  • Chiltern: A reddish-brown clay brick, faced on one side and both ends.
  • Common: Common bricks will have a mixed, unmatching look, and will be intended for non-visual uses. They are sold as facing bricks but would not typically be used for a house.
  • Cotswold: A grey or buff multi-coloured brick, popularly used in housing for many years.
  • Phorpres: An early type of brick from the London Brick Company was marked as “Phorpres” (four press) due to being pressed twice more than contemporaries.
  • Rustic Antique: A red-coloured brick with a light texture. Works to reduce moisture, making it great for damp proofing, and is also moderately frost resistant.
  • Heather: This reddish-facing brick is used in housing, faced on one side and both ends.
  • Honey Buff: A lightly textured buff brick that can work well in both modern and traditional building projects.
  • Regency: A sand-faced red clay brick with a look that can work in traditional and contemporary projects.
  • Sandfaced: A darker red brick with a slight texture, ideal for house building.
  • Windsor: A traditional red brick with a light texture, used throughout houses for many years.

While these bricks are typically produced in the standard dimensions of 65mm x 102.5mm x 215mm, some are produced in 73mm x 102.5mm x 215mm.

What Can LBC Bricks Be Used For?

As they are all facing bricks LBC bricks will be used throughout building projects where a consistent and attractive look is called for. This can mean the outer walls of houses, visible features within a house, or other standalone outdoor features like brick walls, bridges, or posts. Commercial buildings are commonly built from bricks, with the wide range of colours and textures offered allowing you to build both traditional larger constructions and more stylish modern designs.

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