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A lintel is a bar that runs above doors and windows to support the weight of a building. They are a crucial structural element and should be included in all buildings, no matter how small their doors and windows are. Lintels come in a wide range of materials, the choice depending entirely on the property and the amount of weight they will be supporting. Favourable materials include timber, steel, brick, stone, and concrete.

Building Materials Nationwide has a wide range of window and door lintels for sale. In this guide, we’ll explore the different sizes available and talk about the importance of a secure end bearing.

What Size Concrete Lintel Do I Need?

Every window and door is unique, so a wide range of sizes for your concrete lintels is vital. Building Materials Nationwide offers a wide variety of sizes and lengths, all produced by Naylor Lintels. 

When purchasing a concrete lintel for a doorway or window, you must first make sure that you have not only measured the opening but also allowed for minimum end bearing. This is the space on either side of the opening, where the concrete lintel will be installed. The minimum end bearing allows for proper load-bearing and even distribution of weight across the whole wall. It is recommended that you leave at least 150 millimetres on either side of the opening while measuring. It makes it vital to add 300 millimetres to your door or window measurement when browsing for precast concrete lintels. 

A concrete lintel during the construction process of a brick building against a blue cloudy sky.

Our Precast Concrete Lintel Sizes

All of our high-strength concrete lintels are supplied by Naylor Lintels, offering a fantastic level of quality. Our website allows you to select the precise size you need through a drop-down menu.

All Concrete Lintel Sizes

Below is a list of the sizes we can accommodate with our Naylor concrete lintels (height x width). Available lengths range from 100 to 4200 millimetres, so we can provide precast concrete lintels to cover just about any opening. 

Need Quality Concrete Lintels?

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Types of Concrete Lintels 

Our fully reversible Economy Lintels from Naylor are ideal for most homes or less load-bearing. These concrete lintels are fair-faced, so could be exposed or hidden and come with a fire rating of 30 minutes. Economy Lintels are an exceptionally cost-effective solution and are available in over 80 size variations.

Our Hi-Spec Lintels, much like the Economy selection, have a fire rating of 30 minutes. These lintels come with a higher price tag and are best suited to plastered or rendered buildings. They could also serve as hardy alternatives to steel lintels when used underground, as they will not be so prone to rust.

About Naylor Prestressed Concrete Lintels

We chose Naylor Lintels because they are home to the largest selection of concrete lintels in the UK. Not only that but every concrete lintel they sell is prestressed. This means they have been put through various stress tests, as is the industry standard – concrete lintels support very heavy loads, so they must pass such tests to comply with health and safety standards. Building Regulations also require that all concrete lintels meet a specific fire rating - Naylor Lintels makes sure that their whole range achieves a rating of 30 minutes. This is how much time occupants have to exit the structure in the case of a fire.

We aim to provide concrete lintels that people can trust, so the rigorous testing and high quality of Naylor Lintels make them the perfect choice.

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