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A lintel is a vital structural element that provides load-bearing support to doors and windows. They can be made from a variety of materials, each suited to different weights and conditions, including steel, timber, stone, brick, and concrete.

When a window or door is installed, openings must be made in the chosen walls. These openings, and indeed the doors and windows themselves, are not able to provide structural support to the upper storeys or roof and will, over time, begin to warm and cave in without the use of a lintel. The lintel is a bar that is fitted above the opening and will work to distribute the weight across the wall rather than putting stress on the window or door. In this article, we’ll be showing the different prices of concrete lintels, taken from our full selection of window and door lintels.

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Our Precast Concrete Lintel Price List

We have nearly 170 concrete lintels to choose from, so we have boiled them down and put together a small range to better illustrate our prices, from cheapest to most expensive. Our wide range of concrete lintels allows us to ensure customers can find the right model for their window or door. Alongside concrete, we have a range of steel lintels on our website.

What Are the Cheapest Precast Concrete Lintels?

Our Economy Lintels from Naylor are perfect for average houses or smaller loads and are fully reversible. Every single one comes with a fair-faced finish and a standard fire rating of 30 minutes. Overall, this range is the most cost-effective solution and comes in over 80 different sizes. View the full selection here.

What Are the Most Expensive Precast Concrete Lintels?

Our Hi-Spec Lintels from Naylor, like the Economy Lintels, have a fair-faced finish and are fire-rated at 30 minutes. This range comes at a higher price, and suits plastered or rendered builds best. They can also be used underground as a suitable alternative to steel – which is more vulnerable and prone to rusting when submerged. This range has over 70 distinct sizes to choose from. View the full selection here.

The Benefits of Concrete Lintels

Concrete lintels are used widely across the UK in a range of construction projects. They are a popular choice because they are not only cost-effective but also extremely robust, as well as offering effective fire and corrosion resistance long into the future. Concrete is also a very adaptable material, allowing for much more variety in types and sizes – whilst still providing support to the widest variety of openings and loads.

How Concrete Lintels Are Installed: 4 Main Steps

1. Check if a wall is load-bearing or not

Concrete lintels are relatively simple to install, in comparison to other types of lintels. If you are going for a DIY approach, it is important to practice proper health and safety. The first step to this is to check with a structural engineer whether the walls in question are load-bearing or not before starting work. In a house with a suspended timber floor, this can be determined by the direction of the joists. If they run perpendicular to the wall, then it is load-bearing and thus requires the help of a professional.

2. Appropriate masonry tools are gathered

Most concrete lintels will be installed over head height, so make sure you have access to proper scaffolding capable of supporting the concrete lintel weight. When a concrete lintel is installed, a selection of masonry tools is put to use. These include a masonry hammer and chisel, a mortar trowel, a spirit level, a tape measure, and a cement mixer. 

3. Allow for minimum end bearing and install

Next, at least 150 millimetres will be measured at either end of the window or door - this is called the minimum end bearing. After this, a good-quality mortar should be mixed and applied to either side of the lintel. If the lintel is over a metre long, it may be wise to also set up centre-point support for optimal safety.

4. Check for damage and make necessary repairs

Once the mortar is set, usually after a day or two, check for any imperfections or damage. If this is not dealt with quickly, water will get in and compromise the lintel. This is especially true for concrete lintels in particular – fixing any cracks should take priority.

Can I Replace My Old Lintels With Concrete Ones?

If you are looking to repair or replace your own lintels, we recommend seeking the help of an experienced professional. The removal process is technical and risky if not done correctly, especially if the wall in question is load-bearing.

First, the mortar will be cut, and then supports will be installed to keep the load distribution in the absence of the old lintel. After this, bricks can be removed and the new concrete can be installed, following the process above. After this, bricks can be replaced and supports removed. Costs for this process will vary widely, but you can expect to spend anywhere between £650 and £1,000.

Why We Choose Naylor’s Prestressed Concrete Lintels

Here at Building Materials Nationwide, we want to make sure we have a concrete lintel for every size, purpose, and budget. Naylor Lintels offer the largest selection of concrete lintels in the UK. Not only that, but they also guarantee the high quality we are looking for in our catalogue.

All of the concrete lintels offered by Naylor can be made bespoke and come ready with fire specifications and full-stress testing. Lintels are marked to ease the building process for construction engineers and are guaranteed for durability and fire resistance. 

Find a Precast Concrete Lintel for the Right Price

No matter how solid a wall is, high-strength concrete lintels are a vital part of efficient load bearing and masonry support – so it is important to choose the right fit for your purpose. Our full range of quality concrete lintels can be delivered across the UK, making them perfect for building projects of any scale based anywhere.

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