18th Nov 2022 -

Lintels are a building essential, enabling windows and doors to be installed within a wall without compromising its strength. Producing quality steel lintels for over 50 years, IG Lintels today offers a wide range of products for solid walls, cavity walls, and eaves. In this guide from Building Materials Nationwide, a supplier of IG Lintels, we’ll explore the essentials of IG Lintels, look at some of their range, and cover the cost per lintel.

What are IG Lintels?

Within construction, lintels are essential for any breaks within a brick wall, supporting the wall above windows and doors. They are needed to ensure that brick and block structures are structurally sound, and can be constructed from steel, reinforced concrete, and stone. IG Lintels is a UK producer of steel lintels that today exists as a division of Europe's biggest manufacturer of masonry support systems. Over the six decades since their founding, they have introduced a series of innovations to lintel design, producing a selection of steel lintels for different building types. 

A builder wearing a black cap and grey outfit adhering to lintel compliance during the installation process.

Where are IG Lintels Used in Construction?

The two main uses of lintels within construction will be over windows and doors. As glass panes and wooden doors have little strength to them, they will not be able to support the weight of bricks within a building. A lintel will be run across the top of the window or door, partially crossing into the solid bricks to be embedded within the wall. The strength offered by IG lintels ensures the walls of a house remain consistently strong. Longer IG lintels will be used for bigger breaks in a wall like French doors, and special lintels are also used for cavity walls to cover both layers of bricks. The advantage of steel lintels is their thinner size compared to concrete options, meaning they are easier to obscure within a wall. IG Lintels can also produce custom lintels for complex building elements like bay windows.

What Types of IG Lintel are Available?

We have a huge range of IG Lintel products for sale through our website, designed for a range of applications within buildings and specific strength needs. Here are some of the key products offered:

  • IG Cavity Wall Lintels: These lintels are designed for windows or doors within a cavity wall, which will be built from two brick walls with a gap between them. This single piece of steel is designed to support both sides of the wall and keep them together. As IG lintels are made from steel, they can be largely obscured within a wall. Both standard and heavy-duty options are available in a range of sizes. Different models are sold such as L1, L10, L5, and L6.
  • IG Eaves Lintels: These lintels are designed to be used at the eaves level within a building, usually for windows. These will also be used within cavity walls, and both standard and heavy-duty options are available.
  • IG Solid Wall Lintel: These box-shaped lintels are intended for walls made from a single layer of bricks, sometimes called single leaf walls, offering support over windows and doors within older buildings, or for internal brick walls. When buying these single-leaf lintels you’ll have the choice between BOX100 and BOX200 designs. There are also other solid wall options like L11 lintels.
  • IG Thin Joint Lintels: This specialist cavity wall lintel can be installed in two pieces, which is useful for builders who are constructing the two parts of a cavity wall separately, with clips to attach the two sides. Both standard and heavy-duty options are available, with a range of sizes.

IG Lintels also produces other products, such as Arch Archformers, designed to create low-rise arches over lintels.

A concrete lintel during the construction process of a brick building against a blue cloudy sky.

What Do IG Lintels Cost?

As there is such a huge range of products for sale, to give a rough indication of the price we’ll focus on standard strength 600mm size IG lintels. All prices were correct as of the time of writing but will be subject to change. For a standard IG cavity wall lintel in 600mm length, the price is £71.94 before VAT. An IG eaves lintel is £29.40 before VAT. A 600mm size IG lintel box for solid walls is £29.22 before VAT. Finally, an IG thin joint lintel in 600mm length is £40.69 before VAT. Lintels are a necessity within a building project, and if looking for dependable quality IG Lintels are a great choice.

A Range of IG Lintels For Sale Across the UK

Building Materials Nationwide aims to save builders time and money, offering a huge range of supplies delivered to them as online builders merchants. Within our site, we offer a range of lintels, including IG Lintels, which can be bought in bulk orders or as singular units and are perfect for a huge range of projects. For customers within the industry, we also offer trade accounts through our website. Our trade account holders get access to a dedicated account manager, a real person who you can contact via phone or email with any supply needs. We also offer account holders our express delivery options, bringing a huge range of items directly to your site. Sign up for a trade account through our website today.