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An iconic look within traditional properties, 4 panel internal doors will be an excellent choice for bedrooms, kitchens, and bathrooms, coming in a range of colours. Thanks to the different designs available, more contemporary looks can also be found, that will work within a modern property, whether domestic or commercial.

What is a 4 Panel Internal Door?

Panelled doors are any door that involves recessed panels or outlines. Traditionally these were made during production, with additional stiles or rails added to give the door a shaped appearance. The panelled design was popular for both internal and external doors, with panelled front doors coming in an even greater array of designs. 

Modern doors, particularly internal ones, can be constructed differently, thanks to engineered wood and composite materials gaining popularity.

A 4 panel internal door will feature 4 panels, either recessed or outlined. This will not be a standardised design and a variety of looks will be available. Some panel doors will feature identical panels, while others will combine larger and smaller ones. Within 4 panel doors, you’ll find iconic looks alongside more striking contemporary designs. While flush doors, which feature a flat, featureless surface, are more commonly used within modern buildings, stylish panelled options will also be available.

4 panel doors can also be made with glazed panels, with 4 separate glass segments in varying designs. Internal glass doors can help natural light to move through a building.

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What Are Interior Doors Made From?

While interior doors were once made from solid wood, much like many external doors, today they are usually made from engineered wood products. Internal doors do not need the strength or weather resistance that external ones require, and opting for solid wood will cost far more. When shopping for internal 4 panel doors, they will therefore be either hollow core or solid core:

  • Hollow Interior Doors: These doors are built with a solid frame made from engineered wood, with a void at the centre that will be filled with honeycombed cardboard to maintain its shape. The doors will be faced with a veneer, which can either be a thin layer of authentic wood or an engineered wood like plywood. This means that internal doors can have the look of real wood such as oak if desired. Hollow doors are cheaper and easier to install but will have issues with strength, and some prefer the feel and weight of a solid-core door.
  • Solid Interior Doors: The frame and veneers of a solid internal door will be largely identical, with the addition of a solid engineered wood panel in the centre. These doors will offer greater strength and long-term performance, alongside superior thermal and acoustic insulation. Their downside is the higher price tag.

When doors are sold terms like unfinished, pre-finished, and fully finished are used. An unfinished door is one that will need to be painted or sealed before it can be installed, while pre-finished options will not need to be decorated. Both types will need to have things like hinges, handles, and locks installed.

4 Panel Internal Door Designs

Through our website, we offer a great selection of 4 panel internal doors for sale, with fast delivery across the UK:

  • White Rushmore: This is the standard 4 panel look, with two longer recessed panels on the top half and two smaller ones at the bottom. With the classic white colour, these doors will work great within a traditional home.
  • Bi-fold Internal Doors: Single-width bi-fold doors are designed to fit within a standard frame, with a hinge down the centre allowing them to fold in half. The benefit of this is that the opening width is far smaller than a regular door, allowing more floor space to be used in smaller rooms. These doors are available with two panels on each side.
  • White Shaker: A more up-to-date 4 panel internal door look, the white shaker design from LPD has 4 identical recessed panels down the door. This will look great in a modern home.
  • Glaze Oak Shaker: Also from LPD, this oak design has a similar look, except with glazing panels across it. This design will floor light through a contemporary home.

View our full range of internal 4 panel doors, and internal glazed 4 panel doors in the standard 1981mm x 762mm size.

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4 Panel Internal Doors Delivered Across the UK

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