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The perfect living room door will complement a space, with different types and designs prioritising things like insulation or natural light. Depending on whether you are outfitting a modern or traditional property, different designs are typically used. In some cases, opting for a larger door type can also be a fantastic choice for your living space.

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Types of Living Room Doors

Internal doors are almost always made from engineered wood with a thin veneer surface. While authentic solid wood doors are available, their higher price means that they will typically be used as external doors only. When choosing an interior door, you’ll be selecting from either hollow or solid-core models, with additional designs featuring glazed panels:

  • Hollow Core Doors: These doors are built with a solid frame of engineered wood, that is then faced on all sides with a veneer of either authentic wood or engineered wood. The cavity between the frame will be empty except for honeycombed cardboard, which will help to maintain the shape but will offer low strength. These doors are cheaper and easier to install than solid options.
  • Solid Core Doors: These are made from a comparable design, except with a solid engineered wooden board at their centre. These offer far more reliable strength, alongside both acoustic and thermal insulation. The downside is their higher price and their more difficult installation process. All FD30 or FD60 internal fire doors will have a solid core.
  • Glazed Internal Doors: Both types of doors can be made with glass panels installed in them. This can help natural light to move through a house.
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Living Room Door Designs

Once you’ve decided on what type of living room door is right for your project, you’ll need to choose the ideal design. While you are of course free to choose the door that works for you, doors are typically divided into traditional and modern looks. In addition, opting for a larger multi-panel door can really open up a living room.

Traditional Panelled Designs

Panelled doors will be defined as any door with recessed or outlined sections rather than a flat surface. These can be used for standard looks such as the four-panel London design from LPD or their six-panel option

Standard panelled looks can also include glazed panels such as this four-panel design from LPD. There are more modern panel looks too, such as the stylish Oak Shaker with 4 wider panels.

A panel look is fantastic for a traditional living room, with sturdier solid core doors helping to retain heat within your social spaces. 

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Modern Flush Designs

Within modern homes, the flush design will be dominant. Constructed as a flat panel with optional glazed elements, this will be a slick, contemporary look. When choosing a flush living room door, you will essentially only have one design to choose from, and will instead be choosing the structure of the door and its finish. JB Kind produces quality flush doors in finishes like Walnut and Slate grey.

A flush look with a large glazed panel such as the LPD Eindhoven can be an excellent choice for living rooms with limited access to natural light.

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Multi-Panel Front Room Doors

A different choice that can provide fantastic benefits within a communal space is a multi-panel door, such as French doors, bi-fold doors, or sliding doors. These will take up a larger space and can be a great way to bridge the rooms of a house, such as connecting a kitchen to a front room, or a front room to a conservatory. 

These doors can be closed to create separate rooms or opened to join the two together. While this requires space and is a markedly more expensive option, these front room doors can be an amazing way to change a space.

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Living Room Door Colours

When installing a living room door you can opt for a standard wood look of veneer, which is often supplied pre-finished, meaning that it is ready to be attached. The natural brown hues of wood complement homes of all designs. Alternatively, you can opt for a painted door.

  • Black: A solid neutral colour for doors, black can have a striking look on a range of designs. If looking for a lighter living room it will probably not be the best choice.
  • Grey: A grey living room door could split the difference between white and black, offering a classy look without overpowering a room.
  • White: White doors offer a bright, stylish look in a living room. It’s worth keeping in mind that they show up dirt easily so will need to be cleaned more regularly.

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