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Oak is an iconic look for a wooden door, with solid oak doors a fixture of homes and commercial buildings for hundreds of years. However, most modern doors sold in the UK will be built with a thin veneer of oak around an engineered wood frame, with solid wood designs often reserved for external doors. Each door type has some clear benefits and drawbacks to keep in mind and can be built in a range of modern and traditional looks.

Is it Worth Buying Solid Oak Internal Doors?

In most cases, contemporary internal wooden doors will not be made from solid wood, but instead constructed with an authentic veneer around an engineered wood frame. When shopping for external doors it will be far easier to buy an authentic oak door, as in those cases the door will need to offer strength, security, and protection from the weather. While their strength and weight can give internal doors superior performance and a great feel, this strength is not needed to the same extent.

While veneer doors can offer a convincing look, solid oak doors remain the choice for some due to their authenticity and their durability. They will be easy to paint any colour or to varnish. They will also keep their look over time, provided they are correctly maintained. If a solid oak door is starting to show signs of wear, it can be sanded down and re-varnished to look as good as new. Solid oak also offers thermal and acoustic insulation, keeping rooms warm and offering greater privacy.

The price of a contemporary solid oak door is a large part of the reason they have become a niche item. They will almost always come with a higher price tag than engineered options, due to the far larger amount of authentic oak timber needed to build them. If you decide that solid oak is right for you. you can opt for a fully finished or unfinished door, with unfinished options requiring staining or painting to make them ready for use.

Internal Oak Veneer Doors

Most interior oak doors will have an authentic oak veneer around an engineered wood frame. They will be built in one of two designs, hollow core and solid core. Hollow core oak internal doors will have a solid frame of engineered wood with a cavity in the centre, which will be filled with honeycombed cardboard to maintain shape. This will then be faced on all sides with an oak veneer. 

These doors will be the cheapest option and will be light and easy to install. The key downside is their strength, which is lacking, alongside their low insulating power. Many prefer the feel of a solid core door, which is similarly built, but with a solid engineered board at its centre. This will cost more but will be heavier with better performance. Both finished and unfinished veneered doors will be available. You’ll also be able to choose from a range of shades, including brighter light oak looks.

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Oak Internal Door Designs in the UK

Whether looking for authentic oak internal doors or a veneered option, you’ll then need to choose a design that meets your needs:

  • Oak Internal Glazed Doors: Many internal doors are built around glazed panels. Modern flush doors can feature a single larger panel, while traditional door designs will be available with multiple panes. These will allow natural light to easily move through a home or building.
  • Flush Oak Doors: Most modern door designs will be flush, essentially a flat surface of wood. This design works great within minimalist homes or offices and will allow you to show off the look of the natural oak.
  • Oak Panel Doors: Panelled oak internal doors offer a far larger selection of design choices, covering any door with detailing. These doors can give a homely feel to a space. A popular choice is cottage-style doors, which mimic the look of long vertical panels.
  • Fire Doors: Oak can be used to create attractive fire doors, which are designed to stop the passage of fire (usually for 30 or 60 minutes) and are a legal requirement in most commercial and shared buildings.
  • Reclaimed Oak Doors: For those wanting to add an authentically rustic touch to a building, you can buy reclaimed internal oak doors, which will come in a range of styles and bring a sense of history to any property.

High-Quality Oak Internal Doors For Sale

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