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Featuring a sleek, flat surface, flush doors have become the most popular choice for both internal and external doors on domestic and commercial contemporary properties. Flush doors come in a range of types and looks, with hinged and sliding options in an attractive wood or veneered finish.

Are Flush Doors Right For You?

Flush doors offer a minimalist look that has become hugely popular in contemporary buildings but may look more jarring in older buildings, where panelled looks remain the standard. There are other benefits offered by flush doors, from how they are easy to clean, to how they are typically cheaper than panel doors.

Whether you are looking for internal or external doors you will be able to find flush models. External doors will need to prioritise strength, and you’ll find flush wooden doors and composite doors designed to offer long-term performance against the elements. Internal flush doors will typically be veneered engineered wood doors, with a thin layer of authentic wood improving appearance.

Types of Flush Doors

The flush look is available for both hinged and sliding doors, complementing a huge range of uses across a property.

Hinged Doors

Flush doors will be available for all hinged doorsets, be they front doors, back doors, or internal doors. These will be sold either unfinished or pre-finished, with pre-finished doors ready to be hinged and hung, and unfinished ones needing a surface coating of varnish or paint. Exterior-facing hinged doors will normally be made from uPVC, solid wood, composite materials, or aluminium. Interior hinged doors will either be coated with an authentic veneer or painted engineered wood.

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Sliding Doors

Sliding doors offer a fantastic flush look within a property. Whether installed on rails to one side of a wall, or within a wall cavity as a pocket door, they take up far less space than a traditional door and can allow for spaces to be fully opened. External sliding doors tend to be built around glass panels, to allow light to enter a building when used as patio doors.

Fire Doors

Most fire doors within the UK will feature flush designs. As the central purpose of a fire door is to stop the passage of fire through a building (typically for 30 or 60 minutes) having a consistent surface helps to ensure a sturdy design. All fire doors will need to pass rigorous safety tests and be installed with frames, hinges, handles and self-closers that also offer the same level of fire resistance.

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The Best Looks For a Flush Door

As flush doors will all essentially have the same design, the key visual decision to make will be the material or paint colour you opt for, and whether to choose a model that contains glass panels.

Authentic Wood or Veneers

Opting for a genuine wood surface, whether that’s a solid wood external door or a veneered internal door, can maintain a wonderful appearance for many years if kept correctly. Choices like oak will give a striking look within a pared-back interior room. Within our range, you’ll find fully finished hollow core doors with an oak veneer.

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White Ply

Flush doors can also be painted in a consistent colour or bought pre-finished in a clear and durable colour. A popular and economical choice is white plywood doors, which have a smooth white finish and are often sold with hollow cores for easy installation. These are used throughout the UK rental market.

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    • Multiple Sizes Available
    • Pre-finished ready to use
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Flush doors are often designed around glass panels, which can both look great and allow natural light to move into or around a building. 

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Finishing Options For a Flush Door

Even when pre-finished, doors will require additional ironmongery to be installed into a frame.


Hinges will be the same across both flush and panelled doors, with a range of metallic finishes such as chrome and brass available. 

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The modern look of a flush door can be complemented by sleek handles, such as stainless steel Unspring Levers, or curved DECO Levers. These are lever on rose designs, which blend better in a flush door than a traditional decorative lever on backplate handles. Barring a few designs, the drawback of lever on rose handles is that a lock will need to be installed separately if needed.

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Small locks like thumbturn locks can look fantastic within a flush door, and are perfect for commercial properties or domestic rooms that need privacy.

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