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Grey offers a light, stylish look to internal doors, coming in a range of styles to blend well within both traditional and contemporary buildings. When looking to buy grey doors, you’ll also have a range of shades to choose from, helping to carefully tailor the aesthetics of your building. From residential to commercial properties, grey has established itself as a popular choice of internal door.

Why Choose Grey For Your Internal Doors?

Neutral colours have become the preferred choice within modern homes, with either white, black, or grey seen to blend well with a range of wall colours and decor. Grey can offer a sophisticated look within kitchens, bedrooms, and bathrooms. 

Black doors can be seen as a little formal, or even imposing when installed within a home or commercial property. Comparatively, white doors can easily pick up dirt, which can be a problem in the busier areas of a home or locations like offices. Grey offers a lighter version of that formal look, while hiding dirt far better than a white door, meaning it will need to be cleaned less.

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Shades of Grey

When looking to purchase grey internal doors a range of colours will be available, with darker greys that closely resemble black in stark contrast to lighter hues.

  • Light Grey: For a calmer look, light grey colours can be perfect for a family home, made in a range of designs.
  • Dark Grey: Hewing closer to black, a dark grey internal door will offer a formal look, though a little lighter than black. This could be a great look for a modern office.
  • Anthracite: This grey adjacent colour has a bluish hue to it, offering a deep, attractive look.
  • Ash Grey: Ash grey is a pale grey with greenish hues, though some manufacturers will sell darker doors as ash grey.

What Are Grey Interior Doors Made From?

The vast majority of interior doors are either hollow or solid core designs. Solid wood doors are still used externally but are too expensive for most indoor projects.

  • Solid Core Internal Grey Doors: Solid core internal doors are manufactured from engineered wood, with a frame built around a solid board. It will be faced on all sides with a veneer, a thin sheet of either authentic wood like oak or a smooth engineered board like plywood. These will be the more expensive option, offering good strength at a higher weight.
  • Hollow Core Internal Grey Doors: These will also be built from a frame covered with a veneer. However, unlike solid options, the core will be a void, filled with honeycombed cardboard to keep its shape. This makes them weaker than solid options, though they are both cheaper and easier to install.

When purchasing grey internal doors you will almost always be buying pre-finished or fully-finished doors. Unfinished doors will require painting or varnishing by you, but as they have already been painted grey they will be ready for installation.

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Grey Internal Door Designs

The design of your grey internal door is as important as its colour, with different looks and the inclusion of glazed panels bringing radically different aesthetics to a room. Doors tend to be divided into two design categories, traditional panelled looks and modern flush designs, both of which can be built with glass panels.

Traditional Grey Doors

A traditional grey internal door will have a panelled look, with thicker sections or ridges across the surface. This was long the standard look and can blend well within an older home or commercial environment. Panelled grey doors can also be built with glazed elements. This can be especially helpful within an internal environment, allowing natural light to pass through, which will keep homes and other buildings brighter during the day.

Modern Grey Doors

For a contemporary inside door look, the flush design will be the standard choice. This will be a completely flat surface, giving a sleek grey finish to the rooms of your home or office. These doors can still be built with glazed elements to maintain the associated benefits.

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