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Cottage doors bring a rustic charm to properties, conjuring the look of traditional countryside homes. Whether looking for internal or external doors, attractive cottage designs can be a great choice for you, with several styles to consider.

What is a Traditional Cottage Door?

Inspired by the looks of traditional homes, cottage doors can cover a range of designs but are defined by long vertical strips, with ridges between or around them. While this look would traditionally have been brought about by the planks of wood used to make a door, today it is often carved into the wood or composite door.

They are called cottage doors because of their historical basis in smaller rustic properties. These doors brought a distinctive charm to homes, complementing the uneven white walls and often thatched roofs. 

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Cottage Style Door Design Options

You’ll find a range of cottage door designs for sale across the UK, with the width of the planks or panelling varying and some doors offering sections in the cottage style within a larger flush or glazed door. Interior and exterior doors are both produced in the cottage style. 

Glazed Cottage Doors

Cottage doors can be built around glazed panels, with a cottage-style lower half, and an aesthetically pleasing square of glass on the top. These can be used for both external and internal door designs, allowing light to move into a building, or to travel through it. Some other options will include 4 smaller framed glass panels on the top half, giving a more traditional look.

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Internal Cottage Doors

While modern homes and commercial buildings tend to prioritise flush designs, the cottage look can be a striking addition to a contemporary space, with its strong lines attracting attention. They could be fantastic as bedroom or bathroom doors, or used within communal areas with glazed panels. Alternatively, you could opt for cottage doors within a traditional property, where they’ll blend fantastically within busy environments.

Internal doors will not traditionally be made from solid wood. In most cases, they will be either hollow or solid core doors constructed from engineered wood frames with either an authentic veneered face or a facing of engineered wood. This allows them to have the look of a real wooden door, or to have a smooth, coloured finish. 

Hollow core doors will be made from a solid frame built around a void, which will be filled with honeycombed cardboard to maintain shape. Solid core doors will have the same framing and facing, but will be filled with a solid engineered wood board. Solid core options are stronger, heavier, and more expensive.

External Cottage Doors

Cottage doors are also popular when installed externally, giving a memorable look as either a front door or a back door. Particularly when built with a glazed panel, they can work well in both modern and older homes, with the cottage style creating an eye-catching look for your building entrance.

External cottage doors will be made from a range of material options. Solid wooden doors will be available, which can be easily repainted and will offer solid long-term performance, provided they are maintained consistently over time. 

Other options include composite doors, which are designed with low-effort performance in mind, but will come at a high price and be more difficult to repaint. uPVC cottage doors are plastic-based, offering the lowest prices and reasonable strength, but with a look that is controversial for some.

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