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Within the UK dozens of types of doors will be used internally and externally, from standard hinged doors in a range of designs, to sliding doors, bifold doors, and pocket doors. While some are specifically used internally or externally, many are available for both. The material of your door is also an important choice to make, with wooden, composite, and uPVC offering different looks and benefits.

The Different Types of Doors in the UK

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Standard Hinged Doors

Most internal and external doors across homes and commercial buildings will be standard hinged doors, with a range of designs available. While there is no standardised sizing for doors 1981mm x 762mm x 35mm is perhaps the most common, though others vary slightly in terms of width and height. The different designs of standard hinged doors will usually be split into panelled or flush, with some looks including glazed panels.

While an internal and front door will be built from different materials, they will usually be made from similar designs at roughly equivalent sizes.

Panelled Doors

Any door that features detailing on it, whether that be lowered sections or borders, will be referred to as a panelled door. This look is available for both internal and external doors and is seen as the more traditional design compared to flush. There will be a huge range of looks, such as 2-panel, 4-panel, and 6-panel, alongside more unusual shapes.

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Flush Doors

Flush doors are the standard door design in modern homes and commercial buildings, offering a completely smooth and flat surface. Whether painted or finished with a wooden veneer, these doors will offer a stylish look that will blend well in minimalist surroundings. Flush external doors will also be available in a range of materials.

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Glazed Doors

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Standard hinged doors will also be available either featuring glass panels or built around a large glass panel. Glass can offer a great look whilst allowing light to move into and through a building. Both panelled and flush doors will be available with glass options. Another popular design within interior doors especially is for larger glass panels with a thin frame of wood around the edges.

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Swing Doors

A swing door will be any door that is openable in both directions while automatically closing thanks to a spring mechanism. They are a great choice within commercial environments or busy spaces like kitchens. The term swing door is also sometimes used to describe traditional saloon doors which, while still available for sale, would be quite an eccentric choice in most environments.

Double Doors

A double-door set will feature two standard doors, independently hinged with a join in the middle. These can be used both internally and externally. The wider opening can be used to allow wider access, useful for making a space more easily navigable for those with disabilities or using a pushchair. They are also useful for busier environments and can be opened to join a room together. When fitted with glazed panels, double doors are referred to as French doors.

Bedroom with French Door Balcony

French Doors

French doors are a great choice for an external back door, and like other wide, glazed types of doors will be grouped under the patio doors umbrella. French doors can also be used internally, moving light through a house and joining communal rooms when opened. Their design can involve larger panels filling the door or smaller glass panels at the top.

Bifold Doors

Bifold doors are really two different types of doors, with single-width bifold doors and multiple-panel bifold doors both available.

Single Bifold Doors

These doors will be installed within regular door frames and will close as standard, but are built with a vertical hinge that allows them to fold in half. The purpose of this is for the door to open with a far smaller radius, allowing more floor space to be used. Internally, this could be hugely beneficial in smaller bathrooms and bedrooms. Alongside solid options, you’ll find models built with glazed panels on either side.

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Multiple Panel Bifold Doors

Contemporary modern unfurnished room within brand new home with large bifold patio doors leading to lawned garden

The more well-known type of bifold door is a multiple-panel design. Built from several panels hinged together to fold like an accordion, bifold doors will be installed along a track, meaning they can be slid to bunch together. Larger bifold doorsets can be designed as two sets folding onto either side or can be built with a standard door meeting a bifold door set. 

These are famously used as patio doors, allowing a fantastic view of a garden from the indoors and opening to join your interior and exterior spaces. However, there are also designs intended for internal use, creating a retractable wall between communal rooms. While exterior designs tend to simply be framed glass panels, interior designs can be more varied, with solid models, or smaller glass elements.

Sliding Doors

Like bifold doors, sliding doors can be used to describe two types of doors. Standard-size sliding doors will normally be used internally, with a track above the door frame on one side, allowing a solid door to slide open and close. This can give a striking flush look within a modern home.

Larger sliding doors are a type of patio door, commonly used externally or for joining a conservatory to an interior room. They will be built from wider framed glass panels that will slide along a track to an open position. While they will not take up as much space as bifold doors when opened, they also will have a smaller opening due to the size of the panels.

Pocket Doors

Pocket doors are a different design of internal sliding doors, where the track is within a wall cavity, meaning that the door slides away from view when open. This can be a great choice for those with limited space while giving a sleek look.

Interior Doors vs Exterior Doors

Many of these designs will work as both interior and exterior doors, though this does not mean that internal and external doors can be used interchangeably. Internal doors are primarily designed around looks, while exterior models will need to offer strength, security, and weather resistance. When looking for options like larger bifold doors, there will be clearly distinguished internal and external designs. While the solid wooden doors used externally can be used internally, this is likely to be extremely costly compared to hollow and solid core veneered doors.

Door Materials

The types of door materials available will vary depending on whether you are shopping for internal or external doors. 

External Door Material Types

Wooden Doors

Solid timber doors are the traditional look for exterior house doors, with a wide range of designs still available today. Wood offers a fantastic look, can be easily painted and repainted, and is a strong choice providing you treat it regularly. They will be among the most expensive options.

Composite Doors

Composite doors are made from a combination of elements including wood, metal, insulation, and fibreglass. They are specifically designed to offer long-term performance with minimal upkeep. The key drawback to keep in mind is the high price tag, and that they are not designed to be repainted, staying in the colour they were originally produced in.

uPVC Doors

uPVC doors are made from plastic, offering solid levels of strength at a great price. The downside is the look, which many find unattractive. Like composite doors, they are not designed to be repainted.

Steel Doors

These metal doorsets are commonly used for security in commercial buildings. They will offer fantastic strength and withstand whatever the elements can throw at them. The drawbacks are their difficulty to install, and that scratches and dents cannot be easily fixed.

Interior Door Material Types

Public toilet interior with stylish doors and tiles

Hollow Doors

Most types of interior doors are either hollow core or solid core in design, with veneers of either authentic wood or a different engineered wood product. Hollow core doors will have a frame of solid engineered wood and thin facings of wood, but their internal void will be filled with honeycombed cardboard. This will come at a cheaper price than solid options and will be easier to install, offering a low level of strength and insulation.

Solid Core Doors

Solid core internal doors have the same build and facings, but the void will be filled with an engineered wood board. This consistency and strength are the key benefits, but they will come at a higher price and have a more difficult installation. Solid core internal doors are often used as fire doors, outfitted for either 30 or 60 minutes of fire protection.

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