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One of the clear benefits of composite decking over traditional timber is that it can be made in a far wider range of colours. These different composite decking colours can be used to accentuate garden features, contrast or complement a natural space, or create the perfect mood.

What Colours of Composite Decking Are Available?

We offer a range of high-quality composite decking boards for sale, ideal for both professional and personal projects. All boards come in a selection of colours.

  • Charcoal: This dark look will give a great sense of sophistication to a garden space while hiding imperfections and dirt better than other options. It can work well with natural colours like greens and blues.
  • Coffee: A warm and light brown that works great within a natural garden, these composite boards will more closely resemble the look of wood than other options.
  • Ivory: A lighter look for a softer, calm exterior decking area, Ivory will blend beautifully within a cleaner garden. 
  • Light Grey: Grey composite decking boards can blend in almost any environment, making them a great choice for your composite decking.
  • Olive Green: This warm, natural green hue can bring an organic feel to your outdoor spaces. Greens will pair well with other natural colours like browns.
  • Redwood: A deep brown composite look will help you to create a warm space within your garden. This is a lighter colour than our coffee options, with hints of red.
  • Stone Grey: A sleek, modern twist comes from stone grey deck boards. This will blend well within a range of environments, working well with both warm and cool colours.
  • Teak: A more natural wood-coloured look comes from teak composite decking, with an appearance that resembles a lighter wooden board, perfect for a traditional decking look.

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Coloured Composite Decking Ideas

  • Combine Colours: While it is worth carefully considering which colours will blend best, using standard composite boards of different colours can create a truly standout exterior space. A popular design choice is to opt for a lighter colour for the edges of your deck and a darker hue for the centre. By contrasting hues and colours, you can create a unique style.
  • Bridge Your Home and Your Garden: Choosing the more natural colours within our range, such as Olive Green or Coffee, can help to create a bridge between your home and your garden, with a beautiful consistent look. Mimicking the look of natural materials will help to create a true blend.
  • A Standout Space: A great benefit of composite boards is the true range of colours on offer to you, which wouldn’t be found in timber options. Options like Ivory and Redwood will create a standout and unique look, drawing attention towards your decking. These brighter shades will also persist over time due to the great lifespan of composite decking.
  • Reduce Upkeep With Darker Colours: Alternatively, darker colours like charcoal can offer their own benefits, from a deep, classical look, to the reduced cleaning needed. Black decking will do a better job of hiding dirt and scuffs, you’ll also benefit from reduced cleaning, especially important in the busy summer months.
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Choosing Building Materials For Composite Decking in the UK

We offer a range of composite decking for sale on our website, in a selection of attractive colours. They offer an attractive wood grain effect and come with slip-resistant facings. Produced from a combination of recycled hardwood and polyethylene, these are designed to offer excellent long-term performance with minimal upkeep. We work with both individual customers and professional landscapers, able to adjust for bulk orders and deliver across the UK.

For our professional customers, our trade accounts get access to the services of a dedicated account manager, who’ll be able to organise the exact products you need, delivered to you at a brilliant trade price. For all your bulk composite decking needs, regardless of colour, sign up for a trade account today.

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How do you choose a composite decking colour?

We offer free sample packs on our website (for either composite decking or wood grain composite), allowing you to see each of the colours in person and make a more informed decision. Beyond that, it’s worth looking online at other decking projects that have been completed and finding colour choices that work for you.

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