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Offering a warm summery hue, golden gravel is a key tool for landscapers and gardeners within the UK, whether they’re looking to create striking paths and driveways or various other visual garden features. One of the many decorative gravels on sale in the UK, golden gravel offers a fantastic look in gardens.

What is Golden Gravel?

Golden gravel will be a mixture of different small stones which will give a yellowy-golden look when combined. By mixing gold, brown, and buff-coloured stones a pleasing and sophisticated blend can be achieved. Golden gravel will be sold in either standard bags, typically 25kg in weight, or larger bulk bags, normally 750kg.

Golden gravel is sometimes referred to by other names including golden flint, quartz, amber, or corn gravel, but will usually be a similar blend regardless. The term chippings is also used occasionally, but again will be the same product. Alongside golden gravel, other blends are available to give standard looks like brown, alongside other colours like pink. Pea gravel is another popular choice, which will resemble the varied stones on a beach in look. 

The Many Applications of Golden Gravel

While coloured gravel options like golden gravel are primarily chosen for their aesthetic benefits, they will offer a great level of strength and durability, making them suited for a huge range of uses around a home. 

  • Golden Pathways: Gravel is a fantastic material for pathways, offering a hardy level of support through all seasons. It will require little maintenance, barring occasionally topping up the gravel levels. Using the yellows, creams, and browns of golden gravel for your garden pathways will blend fantastically within outdoor spaces, complementing trees and decking.
  • Garden Beds: Golden gravel can be used to create attractive garden beds, either surrounding plants, as standalone elements, or complementing statues and water features. Due to its unique appearance, it can be a striking element within an outdoor area.
  • Driveways: Larger golden yellow shingles can be used to create a driveway to a home, as it offers a great surface for parking and driving. Like paths, it can be worth buying more gravel than needed so that you can top it up over time.
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Our Range of Golden Gravel For Sale

We stock high-quality golden gravel for sale in a range of sizes. Staffordshire golden gravel offers a specific blend of rocks to create a subtle look within an outdoor space. It can be used for practical features such as paths or driveways, or for more decorative elements like plant beds or statues. We offer both 10mm and 20mm diameters, with 10mm suitable for paths and decorative uses, and 20mm more suited to driveways.

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Choosing Building Materials Nationwide For Gardening Supplies

Building Materials Nationwide works across the UK with a huge range of professionals and DIYers, supplying them with all the building and landscaping products and materials they need. Within our comprehensive garden and outdoors section, you’ll find our range of decorative gravel for sale, including bulk bags of quality golden gravel. All of this can be delivered to you across the UK at a great price.

For those working with the professional landscaping or gardening industries, we also offer a trade account service. When you sign up you’ll be paired with a dedicated account manager, who’ll be contactable via telephone or email. 

Our team can collate and deliver everything you need, including sourcing products not listed on our site through our network of UK suppliers. You’ll also benefit from fantastic trade prices and express nationwide delivery. Sign upfor a trade account through our website now.


How is golden gravel installed within a garden?

The method for installing golden gravel will depend on your use. For certain decorative uses, it can simply be poured in place. However, for any paths or driveways, you’ll first need to clear the soil and carefully level it. 

You’ll then need to lay a base of aggregates, which will itself be covered with a weed-resistant membrane, and surrounded by solid borders. From there you’ll need to lay your gravel, raking it to give even coverage.

Will I need to maintain golden gravel?