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Decking is a popular feature within a wide variety of gardens and outdoor environments. Its benefits are numerous, creating a flat and attractive space suitable for a wide variety of uses. 3.6m decking boards are a popular length, commonly sold in two types, timber and composite. In this guide from Building Materials Nationwide, we’ll explain the unique features of decking boards, and the benefits offered by both timber and composite 3.6m decking boards.

What Are Decking Boards?

Decking is constructed from flat boards laid over a frame within an outdoor environment. When looking to build decking you’ll typically be using specialist decking boards, which are designed around strength and water resistance. Decking boards are supplied cut to size in set widths, thicknesses, and lengths, such as 3.6m. Decking can be small or large, connected to a house or standalone within a garden or outdoor space. Decking boards can also be cut around different shapes, allowing them to be used to surround a pond or a hot tub.

Decking is used for everything from a space for relaxation to a cooking area. It creates an attractive environment and is especially beneficial in houses with uneven or boggy lawns. When buying 3.6m decking boards within the UK,  you’ll be looking at two main options, timber boards and composite boards. While slow-grown hardwood timber boards are available, the most common types will be softwood timber, which we’ll be focusing on for this guide.

Timber 3.6m Decking Boards

Softwood 3.6m decking boards will be the more cost-effective of the two options, and come with an easy installation process. Timber 3.6m decking boards will have a distinctive light yellow colour, though they can be stained in a darker hue if desired. The comparatively low density of softwood decking boards gives them a limited lifespan of 10-15 years, which will be perfectly fine for many applications, but is something to consider before purchasing. It’s also worth considering the upkeep required for timber decking, with all boards requiring regular cleaning, preserving, and the use of deck oils to ensure their long life and resistance to rot.

The Importance of Pressure Treated Timber

Regular softwood timber will perform poorly within water unless treated, a clear benefit of using specialist timber decking boards. All wood used within them will have been pressure treated, a process that involves removing moisture from the wood and replacing it with preservatives. This ensures two things, that the wood possesses a strong level of water resistance, and that it resists wood burrowing insects. Both of these are a necessity in external environments.

Anti-Slip 3.6m Decking Boards

An option when looking for timber 3.6m decking boards is anti-slip designs. These boards will essentially be the same, with added strips of anti-slip material included. If looking to use your decking during the rainy seasons, or installing decking next to a hot tub or endless pool then slipping could be a serious hazard making anti-slip boards advisable. Alongside specialist boards, there are other options such as anti-slip strips and paints that can be used.

Composite 3.6m Decking Boards

A more costly option, composite decking boards are produced with a combination of wood and plastic. Composite boards are designed around strength, durability, and low maintenance. They will require less upkeep than timber boards and last longer, with 25 to 30 years of performance expected. Composite 3.6m boards will also come in a huge range of colours and styles compared to timber, though if you are interested in the look of authentic wood they can’t quite compare.

What Sizes of 3.6m Decking Board Are Available?

Building Materials Nationwide stocks timber 3.6m decking boards in both traditional and anti-slip models, with both sold in the same size, 150mm width and 38mm thickness. We stock a wider range of composite 3.6m decking boards, with options in 200mm width and 32mm thickness, and others in 150mm width and 32mm thickness.

What Are The Prices of 3.6m Decking Boards?

While prices are subject to change, as of writing our timber 3.6m decking boards are priced at around £20 before VAT for standard boards and around £31 before VAT for an anti-slip board. Our composite boards cost around £50 before VAT per board. 

Our Range of 3.6m Decking Boards For Sale

Building Materials Nationwide stocks a selection of high-quality 3.6m decking boards for sale, with delivery options across the UK. Whether looking for timber boards or composite, we can supply at a large enough scale for commercial projects. We work across the industry with both contractors and tradespeople. For customers in the industry, we also offer trade accounts. Our trade accounts gain access to our full network of suppliers, our express delivery options, and the services of a dedicated account manager. Sign up for a trade account through our website today.

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