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Whether used as a decorative element within landscaping or as a mulch for garden plants, landscape bark is a key product for many outdoor spaces. Thanks to its great looks and variety of benefits it is used for a broad range of applications, making it an effective tool for professional gardeners and enthusiasts.

What is Landscape Bark?

Landscape bark is made from the bark of trees like pine and cedar, usually harvested as a waste product from sawmills. This bark will be shredded into small pieces of varying sizes, and sold as landscape bark or landscaping bark in the UK. It will have a brown or dark brown colour, which will look fantastic in a garden or wooded area.

What Are Landscaping Bark Chips Used For in Gardening?

Landscape bark is used for several jobs within a garden, both decorative and functional.

  • Decorative Uses Within a Garden: Thanks to its rich dark brown appearance, landscaping bark is commonly used for decorating various elements within a garden. It can offer an attractive look when used within a path, when surrounding plants or garden ornaments, or for transitions between areas like patios and decks. This can offer an easy-to-apply natural look that works well within modern and traditional garden environments.
  • Using Landscape Bark Chips as a Mulch: Mulches are products that are applied on top of soil within a garden or flower bed, with both degradable options like bark and non-degradable choices like rocks. Landscape bark will be used as a mulch for a few specific benefits:
    • Insulate Plant Roots: The chills of UK winters can prove disastrous for many plants, and a great method to protect them is to lay mulch over your plant beds during colder months. Landscape bark will help to keep plant roots warm and aid moisture retention.
    • Stop Weeds: By placing bark chippings around your plants you will also help to stop undesired plants from growing.
    • Protect Soil in Walkways: Natural walkways within wooded areas can be eroded by regular footfall. Using landscape bark can help to preserve a busy path, and will also limit the damage from rainfall.
    • Add Nutrients to Soil: As it is a natural product from trees, bark will degrade into the soil over time. This will add nutrient-rich organic matter to the soil, improving its quality for future growth.
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Our Quality Landscape Bark For Sale

We have a selection of bark chippings and mulch available to buy through our website. Within that range, you’ll find our 600L bulk bags of quality landscaping bark. This product is completely free of chemical contaminants, and suitable for both visual and mulching needs within a garden. The size of bark pieces will range from 8mm to 40mm and will have a dark brown colour.

We also stock some other bark chips, including two types specifically designed for play areas (600L bags of Premium Play Grade Bark, alongside PlaySafe Bark Chippings). We also offer hardwood chips for walkway and animal coop uses, and composted mulch fines which combine the benefits of bark mulch and compost.


    • Bulk/Small Bags Available
    • Suppresses weeds
    Price from: £128.35 £154.02

    • Bulk/Small Bags Available
    • Suppresses weeds
    Price from: £156.47 £187.76

    • Suitable for use in both play areas and landscaping applications
    • Completely free of chemical contamination
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What are the drawbacks of landscape bark chippings?

Particularly when installed in sloped environments, landscape bark can be washed or blown away, compared to other mulching products. While our landscaping bark is non-toxic, some other options sold in the UK may be.

Will I need to replace landscape bark?

How much landscape bark should I be installing for decorative or mulching uses?

Is landscape bark safe for use around plants and pets?