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Installing a high-quality balustrade system to your new decking can help to add the finishing touch you’ve been looking for. Depending on your aesthetic and functionality needs, handrail balustrades are available in a range of materials, colour finishes and sizes to suit your garden’s unique design.

We supply a range of aluminium decking balustrade systems, and are your one-stop shop for all decking and landscaping supplies, with quick delivery across the UK.

The Benefits of Installing a Decking Balustrade System

Finishing your new decking is a fantastic feeling, and you’ll likely want to start making use of it as soon as possible, particularly as the weather starts to improve. Before you do, it’s worth considering whether you’ll want to complete your decking with a balustrade system. There are several clear benefits to installing decking balustrade, including:

  • Increased Safety: Decking is a fantastic way to enhance your outdoor space, but can pose safety risks in some cases. Particularly if your decking is significantly elevated above ground level, wet surfaces can lead to slips and falls which result in injuries. These slips hazards can be reduced through the installation of a balustrade, which provides a supportive handrail.
  • A Finishing Touch: Many garden owners enjoy the aesthetic benefits that a balustrade brings, as it adds the finishing touch to their decking. Decking balustrades can be used to create a striking frame around the area, and with a range of design options available including composite, metal and rope balustrades, you can create a personalised look which suits your garden style.
  • Added Privacy: Some decking balustrade systems provide added privacy for your decking area, without completely blocking your view of the garden and beyond. Whether you’ll be installing a hot tub or jacuzzi, or simply want extra privacy for you and your family, a decking balustrade is an excellent option.

There is a range of decking balustrade options available, from custom-fabricated railings to prefabricated systems. Whatever your design specifications, they are a simple way to enjoy the full impact of your garden decking.

metal decking balustrade

Our Range of Decking Balustrade Handrails

We supply stunning decking balustrades which come in a variety of sizes to suit your requirements. A virtually maintenance-free handrail option, our aluminium decking balustrade system is powder-coated and comes in black for a sleek and sophisticated finish to your decking area, and can also be painted to add a personal touch. Available sizes include:

  • 1000mm x 1050mm
  • 1200mm x 1050mm
  • 2000mm x 1050mm
  • 1050mm x 2200mm
  • 1050mm x 2400mm

This striking handrail balustrade system is simple and minimalist, and complements a range of decking types. Whether it’s blending in with dark composite decking or adding an eye-catching frame to timber decking, our decking balustrade is a fantastic choice.

From a functional perspective, our aluminium balustrade system is strong and lightweight, providing excellent support, and is a rust and rot-resistant solution, reducing the need for time-consuming maintenance. With brackets and foot caps included, it’s simple to install, and we also supply a range of aluminium balustrade gates and posts to complete the functionality of your decking balustrade.

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Does decking need a balustrade?

In some cases, you may be required to install a balustrade for your decking. For domestic properties, building regulations require that a balustrade be built if the decking is more than 600mm off the ground. In commercial settings, this reduces to 380mm.

It is otherwise not a requirement to build a balustrade, but it remains a popular choice owing to added aesthetic benefits, as well as the functional purposes that balustrades fulfil such as increased safety and privacy.

How high should my decking balustrade be?

What are common types of decking balustrade?