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Composite decking offers a great look and fantastic long-term performance, with minimal maintenance on the part of an end user. One of the benefits of composite decking boards over traditional timber ones is the range of colours available. We sell a selection of light and dark grey composite boards, perfect for creating sleek decking around a home or commercial property.

Why Choose Grey Composite Decking Boards?

Homeowners and landscapers often choose grey composite decking as it is an attractive and unobtrusive look, which can be used to blend with many other features, such as the white walls of a house. It can also be a subdued backdrop to more eye-catching elements within a garden, such as a hot tub, or a tree. By opting for a neutral colour, you can either create a calm space or draw more attention to certain aspects within an outdoor area.

Grey composite decking will bring all the standard benefits you can expect from composite products. Made from a combination of wood fibres and plastics, all composite decking we sell is 100% recycled. Thanks to their sealed finish, they will not need the regular upkeep required of authentic timber and can be relied upon to maintain their original look for decades, with little maintenance beyond cleaning.

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Our Range of Light and Dark Grey Composite Decking Boards For Sale

We offer a selection of composite decking and fencing panels for sale through our website. These are 100% recycled, offering excellent performance in a range of colours, including several grey options:

  • Light Grey: This will be an excellent choice to create a bright, unobtrusive deck around a property, with a restrained look.
  • Stone Grey: This darker grey will help to create a cooler space, perfect for shady summer days. It can be a great sophisticated look around a house or surrounding a hot tub.
  • Charcoal: Our darkest grey, Charcoal will give a Scandinavian look to your decking, and will also help to conceal marks and scuffs, meaning that less cleaning is required.

We offer a range of different board designs and lengths in each grey option:

  • Hollow Composite Decking Boards: These boards come in 2.4m or 4m lengths, with a hollow core and an option of two reversible facings, depending on the levels of slip resistance needed.
  • Solid Composite Decking Boards: For locations with heavier foot traffic or weight requirements, a solid grey composite decking board could be needed. These will also come with two-facing designs allowing you to choose your ideal finish. Our solid composite boards come in 2.4m or 4m lengths
  • Hollow Woodgrain Effect Boards: If you’re looking for a decking that will closely mimic the look of authentic wood, then this woodgrain effect option could be the ideal choice. They will otherwise be comparable to the standard hollow design.
  • Commercial and Domestic Grade Boards: We also have boards specifically designed for commercial or domestic uses, perfect for those looking to create decking around a restaurant, leisure centre, or other commercial building.

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Choosing Building Materials Nationwide

Building Materials Nationwide works with a huge range of professional and DIY builders, landscapers, and gardeners across the UK, selling a comprehensive selection of materials and products. Within our decking range, you’ll find a selection of grey composite decking, all of which can be delivered across the UK at a great price.

For professional customers, our trade accounts are a must-have, granting access to the services of a dedicated account manager. Your account manager will be able to source the exact materials and products you need, delivering them to you at your site for a competitive trade price. Sign up for a trade account through our website today.


Why choose composite decking boards over wood?

Composite decking will offer a great look and require far lower levels of maintenance compared to timber, which will need to be stained, treated, and potentially sanded over time. It is eco-friendly and offers a consistent long-term look. Unlike timber, composite decking will come in a range of colours, including greys alongside reds, whites, and blacks. While composite therefore can be considered the superior choice on many levels, some customers prefer the look of real timber.

Can you paint over your grey composite decking boards?

Will fading be an issue with grey composite decking boards?