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Perfect for a wide variety of outdoor uses, paving slabs offer a sturdy, attractive surface for walking areas. There are a variety of options available within the UK, offering different finishes and colours, allowing you to create clear paths, welcoming courtyards, and sophisticated driveways.

Where Can Paving Slabs Be Used?

Paving slabs, sometimes called paving stones, are flat carved stones, typically in square or rectangular shapes, that are designed to be installed within an exterior space. Paving slabs can be used for multiple purposes, offering great strength and easy maintenance for homeowners. Within domestic or commercial environments, there is a range of uses for paving slabs:

  • Garden patios: Patios are popular choices for creating solid areas within a garden, typically adjoining a house. This could create everything from a relaxation area with a few chairs to an outdoor dining area for entertaining guests. Paving slabs intended for patios will sometimes be called patio stones or patio slabs.
  • Driveways: Paving slabs can be a fantastic choice for a driveway, thanks to their strength, support and looks.
  • Paths: Paving slabs are popularly used to create paths within a garden, whether that’s to lead guests from a driveway to a house, or to offer a walkway through a larger natural space. Paving slab paths can offer a striking contrast to plant beds or other natural features within a garden.
  • Pool surroundings: The area around a swimming pool can be a large slipping hazard, which can make certain paving slabs a great choice. Opting for a slab with a textured finish can allow you to stay safe around your pool.
  • Courtyards: For domestic or commercial properties, a courtyard can be a welcoming paving area for your home. Paving slabs will offer strong and attractive flooring for a courtyard, especially when installed in a pattern.
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Our Range of Garden Paving Slabs Delivered Nationwide

We stock a range of paving slabs with concrete and stone options available and a suite of colour choices.

  • Arrento Vitrified Paving: This porcelain paving slab gives a flawless, clean look to your outdoor spaces. It also offers excellent long-term performance, with resistance to frost and algae growth.
  • Symphony Vitrified Plank Paving: This paving style comes in a unique rectangular shape with an authentic wooden appearance, perfect for contemporary garden pathways. It is vitrified, preventing water absorption and ensuring that the slabs will not discolour or fade over time.
  • Symphony Smooth Garden Paving: This paving offers a smooth finish with little maintenance over its lifespan, coming in a large selection of colours. Symphony patio paving slabs can be installed both internally and externally and will resist staining algae, and moss growth.
  • Utility Richmond Paving: This cost-effective concrete paving option will be a great choice for external working areas, offering reliable long-term performance. Available in 450 mm2 or 600 mm2, you’ll have the option of a natural or buff appearance. For those looking for large garden slabs, the 600mm could be the best choice.


    • Low maintenance and hard wearing
    • Reliable, budget friendly choice
    Price from: £6.41 £7.69

    • Low maintenance and hard wearing
    • Reliable, budget friendly choice
    Price from: £6.41 £7.69

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Why Choose Building Materials Nationwide?

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Building Materials Nationwide offers a range of high-quality products and materials to landscapers across the UK, be they professionals or DIYers. Through our Paving and Patio Slabs category you’ll find a range of options, from budget looks to sleek professional choices. Alongside our paving slabs, we offer garden buildings, landscaping materials, garden tools, and decking, all of which can be delivered across the UK at great prices.

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Why choose outdoor paving slabs?

They are solid, attractive, and require minimal maintenance once installed, making them an excellent choice for a variety of uses. Many of our options offer further protection against frost, algae, and mould. Provided they are properly maintained, you can expect decades of use from paving slabs.

How do you install paving slabs?

How do you clean garden paving slabs?