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Whether you're looking to create a beautiful deck for your own property or installing decking for a client, safety must be your highest priority. The risks of a slippery or poorly installed deck are numerous, from falls and injuries to property damage. This is why it’s crucial to not take any chances.

Building Materials Nationwide understands the importance of safety when it comes to decking, offering a range of strong, durable decking materials suitable for both personal and professional use. We also provide accessories like handrails and specialist anti-slip boards, helping to ensure that your decking project offers dependable safety over many years. 

Why Decking Safety Is Vital

Decking can be an aesthetic and functional addition to any home or business, but it can also pose serious safety hazards if not designed and installed correctly. Slippery surfaces, loose boards, and inadequate support can lead to injuries, especially in high-traffic areas or around water features such as hot tubs or pools.

Here are just some of the potential issues that can occur when decking safety isn’t prioritised:

  • Slippery decking surfaces can lead to falls, which can result in serious injuries to family members and friends.
  • Decks that have a large drop around their edge without proper handrails can also be a tripping hazard.
  • Decks around hot tubs and pools are particularly prone to slipping hazards from water.
  • For commercial properties, injuries on a deck could open a client up to legal action.
  • A deck that is poorly constructed or made from substandard materials can collapse, causing serious injury and requiring costly repairs.
  • A deck with rough or splintering surfaces can cause cuts, abrasions, or infections.
  • Decks that lack adequate lighting can create tripping hazards when used at night.

It is essential to prioritise safety when selecting decking options. We’ve chosen our range of boards and accessories to help you ensure you can minimise risk whether building a deck in your own garden or constructing decking professionally across managed properties.

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Our Range of Secure Decking Boards

Within our decking category, we offer a variety of options for both homeowners and professionals. Whether you prefer the traditional look of wooden boards or the durability and colour selection of composite or PVC, we have you covered. 

We have a range of board sizes, alongside fascia boards, helping you create the exact deck you need. We also offer anti-slip wood boards, providing an extra layer of safety and peace of mind. If you’re looking to fit decking around a water element like a hot tub, using anti-slip boards or inserts is essential to limit risk. Our decking offers the strength and durability needed for long-term use, helping you create an adaptable, attractive, and safe outdoor space.

For our professional customers across the construction industry, we understand that clients will have specific needs that might not always be covered by our online catalogue. Through our trade accounts, our dedicated account managers can source any other decking boards or products you need from our network of suppliers. We are the only solution you need for building supplies, with a single point of contact, fast delivery, and great trade prices.

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Additional Measures to Ensure Deck Safety

When looking to ensure safety across a deck, you can use a range of accessories. We stock decking accessories, including handrails, to ensure that your deck is as secure as possible. Handrails create a safe border to avoid people tripping off the edges of a deck, while also providing a secure handhold for users with limited mobility. Much like our decking boards, our team will also be able to source any additional decking products needed for trade account holders. 

Secure Decking For Your Projects

By choosing our range of decking boards and accessories, you can design and build around strength and safety, the perfect solution for self-build projects and professional construction alike. Building Materials Nationwide are committed to providing reliable and high-quality decking solutions that meet your needs, from composite and PVC decking to anti-slip wood boards and quality handrails.

For professional customers, our trade account system provides an all-in-one solution, delivering the products and materials you need to you, fast and at a competitive trade price. 

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We offer personalised support to professionals through our trade accounts. Our knowledgeable account managers provide help with your orders as well as advice on safety considerations specific to your decking project. If you're looking to source decking boards for your next project, feel free to contact us through the form below.

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