30th Jul 2023 -

Whether your DIY projects are littering clutter across your garden or you’re concerned about your valuable tools and materials being targeted by thieves, a garden building can offer the ideal storage solution, with options small enough to act as a dedicated tool shed, and large enough to form a fully featured workspace. Building Materials Nationwide understand the essential role garden buildings play in maintaining a tidy, organised, and secure outdoor space.

From log storage to garden sheds, our wide range of solutions promotes efficiency, safeguards your investments, and contributes to a pleasant garden environment. Our garden buildings offer flexible spaces that can be tailored to your evolving needs and interests. Everything is ready for delivery across the UK and a quick DIY installation.

Garden Storage Popular With DIYers

If you’re looking for garden storage inspiration our Shire Overlap Wooden Tool Store is a popular choice among DIY enthusiasts. Crafted from high-quality timber, this is a durable garden building that promises longevity for years to come. Its walls feature a rustic overlap design, and its doors, fashioned in a single-door ledged style, ensure enhanced strength.

If you’re after something more compact, the Shire Shiplap Wooden Storage Box is perfect for small gardens and narrow spaces. Affordable and versatile, it will snugly house a range of garden and DIY tools. Crafted from high-grade spruce, it comes with a ten-year anti-rot guarantee.

We also have a range of garden sheds, including our popular Shire Overlap Apex Wooden Garden Shed. At 10ft x 6ft (2.99m x 1.79m), a great choice if you need somewhere bigger to work from. With high eaves that ensure easy access throughout, the top-grade, slow-grown, FSC-approved European pine cladding boards guarantee longevity.

Protect Your Tools and Materials

The absence of a proper garden building can impede workflow, incur unnecessary costs, and create a frustrating and potentially dangerous environment, with often disastrous results for your DIY projects. 

Without proper organisation, tools and materials can become lost or misplaced in the chaos of an untidy garden, wasting your precious time and energy. Unprotected equipment can also become irreversibly weather damaged, with rust and degradation reducing their effectiveness and lifespan. Expensive tools left unsecured may also become targets for theft, causing financial loss and interruption to planned activities. It’s also worth considering that without a storage system, sharp tools and hazardous materials could pose safety risks, leading to potential accidents and injuries.

We’ll Keep Your Garden Secure

grey shed

Building Materials Nationwide offers a wide range of garden buildings and storage solutions to solve your messy garden woes. Our robust wooden garden sheds can serve as a workshop and an organised refuge for a wide array of tools and materials, ensuring that they’re always stored safely.

We have a selection of log storage to keep firewood dry, neatly stacked, and ready for use, eliminating scattered piles that can become unsightly and hazardous. We also stock compact storage boxes that provide the perfect home for smaller items, creating a clutter-free environment and making it effortless to find what you need when you need it. Bike sheds safeguard valuable bicycles, keeping them secure and protected from the elements.

Our garden buildings not only create a visually pleasing and efficient garden but also enhance the DIY experience by providing easy access to well-maintained tools and materials, allowing creativity to flow unhindered. Truly versatile, they’ll adapt to your DIY and general needs with ease.