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We all understand the benefits of loft insulation to a home. Energy efficiency is a buzzword at the moment, but it has tangible benefits for any type of building. By insulating a loft you are mitigating heat loss so you can lower your energy bills, but you can also protect electric cables from any potential roof leaks and create a better environment to store a wide variety of things in an otherwise very cold roof.

However, there are a couple of other reasons for insulating lofts and other roof spaces. These include the following:

  • Noise insulation: While many loft insulation products prevent heat loss they can also reduce noise pollution. In a loft conversion, this is ideal for a comfortable atmosphere in terms of temperature and with no distractions from noise. Insulation also prevents noise from bleeding to the floors below.
  • Better rental or sale prices: Loft insulation is an investment. Discerning renters or buyers will enquire about the state of a loft, not only because of the efficiency or comfort they will demand - but also because they pay the heating bills. Buyers often factor the costs of roof insulation into their offers.
  • Environmentally sustainable: Construction does not necessarily have to be harmful to the environment, and even a thin layer of insulation will have an impact on your carbon credentials. Whether you are using your loft for storage or as a living space conversion, insulation is good for the planet. 

Saving money, maintaining a warm roof in winter, a cool roof in summer and all of the other benefits of an insulated loft space are only possible with the best tools, techniques and materials. Here we will explain how to insulate a loft the best way with some helpful suggestions, tips and tricks to think about before you start.

When you insulate your loft or undertake any other building project you will need the best materials, which can be hard to get. However, we are specialists in sourcing the best insulation products and other materials quickly - even when supply chain issues hit. 

Choose the Best Insulation Materials 

You might be tempted by the cost-benefits of some of the lower-quality insulated plasterboard, but these benefits come with a reduction in performance in most cases. But it is not just the price that affects the outcome of your newly insulated loft.

Think about the following additional factors when sourcing insulation materials:

  • Find reputable suppliers: If suppliers are not calling you back when they say they will, then how can you be sure what they are delivering is what they say it is? Choose people wisely, and check for signs of quality - such as having all of your materials in supply in one place and responsive service.
  • Choose known manufacturers:  Certain manufacturers are adept at producing building materials like insulation boards, but they might also be known for a specific type of plasterboard. For example, Celotex makes products good for many uses. Choose reputable manufacturers only.
  • Think about the type of loft: The cardinal rule is to select materials that are suitable for your requirements, for example perhaps you need thermal insulation as heat loss is a priority. If noise insulation is your goal, always select materials from specialist acoustic plasterboard product lines. 

With the best materials, you will ensure that your loft insulation fits between the ceiling joists and around your loft hatch door comfortably and that you get the best performance. It is important for a smooth installation and a lasting result. 

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Use the Most Suitable Tools 

Now that you have got the best materials you're all set to go, right? Wrong! You need to make sure you have the best tools to do the job thoroughly and to the highest standards. The good news is that you do not need anything too fancy. 

Make sure that you remember the following top tools for better loft insulation: 

  • Use an insulation board saw: The board saw is the most important tool you will need, so make sure that you invest in a quality one. You will need this to cut your insulation boards to size.  A great product that we can recommend is the Bahco Folding Insulation Saw.
  • Try a workbench: It would shock you how much a sturdy workbench helps to precisely cut an insulation board out to the right size. The stability, ergonomics and clamping make a big difference. We highly recommend the Stanley FatMax Express.
  • Always have enough rubble bags: To remove existing insulation in a loft conversion, manage cut-offs of new insulation boards and the general waste of a project, rubble bags are essential. Having the right amount speeds up project times.

While you are installing your loft insulation you can much more easily cut the right thickness of plasterboard and fit it precisely in between ceiling joists and your loft hatch door with good tools. Never compromise on tools or materials.

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How Much Does it Cost to Insulate a Loft and How Long Does it Take?

When you are wondering how to insulate a loft the best way, costs and time frame are surely on your mind. Frustratingly, it is not possible to determine the prices for a loft insulation installation in a general sense, as each project is unique.

However, the following factors may influence the project's final budget and time frame:

  • Size: Obviously the bigger the space you have to cover the more materials you shall require, so if you have a big loft conversion it will be much more expensive than insulating a small or narrow space above a room. The size of the loft space also increases installation time, which can also affect costs.
  • Existing insulation: Preparation time is expensive. Clearing a loft and removing any existing insulation can result in extra cost burdens, as disposing of any waste will delay the real start of the project. Getting rid of the waste, particularly if there is a lot, will often incur an additional cost too.
  • Type of insulation: A highly specialist type of insulation might be very difficult to find at a cheaper price, but there should be options to suit most budgets. The need for large amounts of a special insulation board type, like thermal or acoustic insulation may easily push costs up a lot further. 

Loft insulation is generally inexpensive, but the above factors can push your budget skyward. Just remember, you never want to compromise on quality - so do not pursue a project without the budget to complete it properly. 

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You might want to make an energy-saving, reduce noise pollution or even simply comply with building regulations, but the above tips and tricks will make sure that you do it in the best way. Bear the above points in mind for the best results.

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