4th Aug 2020 -

Green Homes Grant Update - Tradespeople must be registered to TrustMark 

Builders and plumbers must now be signed up to the TrustMark Scheme to benefit from the Green Homes Grant. This decision has been made to protect homeowners from inexperienced and rogue traders. The 'Department of Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy' have stated that all tradespeople that would like to profit from the Green Homes Grant, must be registered with TrustMark or Microgeneration Certification Scheme to take part. 

Business and energy secretary Alok Sharma said: “Green home improvements will save people money on their energy bills, help to cut carbon emissions, and create new work for many thousands of builders, plumbers and other tradespeople.

“Our TrustMark scheme will guarantee that building work is completed to a high standard by accredited tradespeople, ensuring consumers are fully protected.”

TrustMark chief executive Simon Ayers said: “Consumer confidence is not only essential to the recovery of the UK’s economy, but also to the protection and creation of key jobs that will support the long-term delivery of quality green home improvements. That’s why having TrustMark accredited tradespeople will provide households with the confidence they need that those working on their homes have been thoroughly vetted for technical competence, customer service and trading practices."

If you would like to register or find out more then head to the TrustMark website.

Chancellor Rishi Sunak Announces - Green Homes Grant Scheme

Chancellor Rishi Sunak gave details of a £2bn Green Homes Grant in his economic update statement on the 8th July. It is a scheme which will help homeowners make their homes more eco friendly and in the long term, save them money on their energy bills as well as reduce the emissions their homes already produce.

“Taken together, we expect these measures to make over 650,000 homes more energy efficient, save households up to £300 a year on bill, cut carbon by more than half a megaton per year, equivalent to taking 270,000 cars off the road, and most importantly right now, support around 140,000 green jobs,” Sunak said.

“This is tradespeople, this is builders, plumbers, and ultimately this is a policy which is about putting money into people’s pockets – people will save hundreds of pounds a year in terms of lower energy costs."

“It is good for jobs and, of course, ultimately it is also very good for the environment.” Sunak said.

The Chancellor is offering up to £5000 to eligible homeowners towards improving the efficiency of their homes. They will pay up to two thirds of the environmentally friendly improvements which could include double glazing, floor insulation, wall insulation, and loft insulation.

The Business Secretary Alok Sharma claims the scheme could save “hundred of pounds of energy bills every year”. After the financial effects coronavirus has had on millions of families, any opportunity to save money will surely be welcomed.

Free Home Insulation?

Yes that's right, the government plan to help homeowners while creating thousands of jobs in home insulation and lowering carbon emissions by cutting energy bills.

The Green Homes Grant will be available in September, you will need to apply for a voucher of up to £5000 for the work, which you will then pay a third of or less. However, if your wages are low you will receive a £10,000 voucher, which you will pay nothing towards.

How does it work?

A qualified coordinator will inspect your home and examine how you can lower your need for heating. They will then carry out the work needed to ensure the best value for money for you. Some examples of the home improvements that may be covered by the Green Homes Grant are:

Want to find out more? Watch Chancellor Rishi Sunak's full announcement or head to the government website.