13th Jul 2020 -

It’s possible you may have heard the term ‘PPE’ being thrown around regularly, when discussing the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Here is a summary of PPE, and why you should take it very seriously if your workplace has not been forced to shut down in the wake of COVID-19.

What is PPE?

PPE stands for personal protective equipment. This includes many items which are designed to keep people safe and protected from potential illnesses, hazards or injuries.

Types of Personal Protective Equipment

The different types of PPE are:

Why is PPE Important?

Even in a time before coronavirus, the importance of PPE has never been underestimated. This equipment is responsible for reducing harm, risks and illnesses. 

Currently, many key workers across the UK are having to wear PPE because these items help to stop the spread of coronavirus. If they are used correctly, they can be instrumental in saving lives. 

Every employer in the UK has a duty regarding provision and use of PPE in the workplace.

How to Prevent Coronavirus in the Workplace

Ensuring the workplace is safe should be an employer’s number one priority. This means that every employee is provided with instructions, procedures and guidelines to ensure that safe and responsible work is being carried out. 

PPE contributes to a safe work environment. Without PPE, some hazards still pose a risk to employees, and potentially, clients and visitors, if not handled correctly.

It is the employer’s responsibility to make sure every employee has their own personal protection equipment, or at least have easy access to PPE within the workplace.

If employees refuse to wear PPE, they are putting themselves at risk of coronavirus and, from a legal sense, breaching regulations.

How else can workplaces remain safe during COVID-19?

There are some other products (which we can supply) that help to keep workplaces safe and virus-free.

  • Desktop partitions– these antibacterial screens are positioned between workstations, to minimise contamination and contact between employees. They are available in various sizes, to suit any office desk layout.
  • Room fogger– these products contain ethanol, which eliminates viruses from the atmosphere, and sanitises all surfaces. Rooms can be used again within 60 minutes. We supply this spray by the bottle, or in a multipack of 10. 

COVID-19 Warning Signs

It’s vital to ensure everyone is aware of what actions they need to take in order to keep themselves and others safe, while the coronavirus pandemic is still ongoing.

Another way to ensure long-term protection and safety in the workplace is to provide key warning signs. This is so everyone is aware of all coronavirus protection and safety measures around the premises.

Coronavirus protection signs need to be clearly visible so that everyone on the premises:

  • Follows the correct social distancing measures
  • Is wearing the correct personal protective equipment
  • Is following the correct directions
  • Washes their hands to minimise contamination
  • Is aware of any changes or alterations 

All businesses must take all these measures seriously if we are to prevent coronavirus spreading. Protecting themselves, their employees, contractors and the general public is of the utmost importance during these times.

We can supply you with a huge range of COVID-19 workplace signs to display throughout your premises. We can also supply you with high-quality PPE that will ensure optimum protection. More products are being added to our site regularly, please keep an eye on it here.

For any further information, please don’t hesitate to give us a call.