28th Nov 2022 -

Firmly securing your hygienic cladding is of vital importance for the long term effectiveness of your walls. Cladding trims allow you to ensure that your cladding is fully sculpted to your wall, regardless of corners and edges, joining sheets of cladding together. Building Materials Nationwide offers high quality PVC cladding for sale, along with a range of adhesive sealants and cladding trims. In this guide we’ll look through the value of cladding trims, the methods to install them, and the high quality range of cladding trims we sell.

What is Hygienic Cladding?

Hygienic wall cladding is a process of attaching large sheets of PVC cladding to walls or ceilings, by using adhesives and cladding trims. PVC wall cladding is mainly used for its hygienic benefits, as it possesses anti-bacterial properties, and is both waterproof and mould resistant. It gives a smooth, coloured surface to your walls, that can be easily wiped clean. PVC wall panel cladding is commonly used in environments where hygiene is of a high priority, such as hospitals, kitchens, and factories. It offers an aesthetically pleasing look, that is easy to install and easy to clean, while protecting against germ transmission and infections. Compared to other wall solutions, such as tiling, wall cladding is more cost-effective, both in terms of material costs and installation costs. When fitted correctly, hygienic cladding can offer many years of protection for your walls. As it is waterproof, it can also be used as bathroom cladding.

What are Cladding Trims?

Cladding trims are used to ensure the firm fitting of PVC cladding. While the sheets themselves will be attached to a wall using cladding adhesive, using trims will allow for areas like internal corners, external corners, edges, and joins to be thoroughly sealed. Without cladding trims, you face the risk of an ugly look for your wall, with improperly fitted edges and corners, bumps, or sags. This will not only give an unappealing look to your building, but it will also damage the long term durability of your wall cladding, and impact its hygienic potential, with exposed portions of your wall allowing moisture passage.

Cladding trims are traditionally made of plastics like PVC, similar to the cladding itself, though solid. There are both solid and flexible strips to go over corners. For solid corners, the trims are often designed to act as a connection between two sheets. Trims can be bought in the colour of your hygienic sheets, allowing a seamless look.

What is a Cladding Corner Trim?

There are options for both internal and external corner trims. They are solid strips, cut to length to cover the entire corner floor to ceiling. The two sheets of PVC hygienic cladding joining at the corner can both be inserted into them. This gives a defined and clean looking corner, whether internal or external. Internal corner trims are sometimes called coving trims.

What is a Cladding Starter Trim?

A cladding starter trim is installed on the floor of your room, running around the base of the wall. It is designed for sheets of hygienic cladding with an adhesive backing to be inserted into. This helps to ensure that your sheets of PVC cladding are correctly positioned on the wall when attached.

What is a 2 Part Joint Trim?

A 2 part joint trim is a trim designed to fit between two sheets of PVC hygienic cladding on a flat wall. They should be designed to offer waterproofing, allowing you to maintain the waterproof nature of your wall. A 2 part joint trim will be cut to offer floor to ceiling coverage, and the firm fitting of both sheets.

What is a Cladding Edge Trim?

A cladding edge trim is used to firmly secure the edge of your hygienic cladding in place. This can be used if your hygienic cladding wall adjoins a different material. Cladding edge trims offer a strong, protected, and attractive edge, keeping your PVC wall cladding in place. If looking to connect two types of wall surfaces, you can also use tile strips, which are designed to connect wall cladding with other material surfaces, like tile or carpet.

What is a Cladding Shower Trim?

Shower trims are designed for use alongside bathroom cladding, allowing water to drain into showers or baths from your bathroom wall. They attach to the bottom of your waterproof PVC sheet, sloping into your shower tray or bathtub. This helps to ensure the proper flow of water out of your bathrooms, avoiding dampness, mildew, and mould.

Our Range of Cladding Trims

We stock hygienic cladding trims from both Altro Whiterock and Hi-Clad. Altro Whiterock is an industry-leading cladding manufacturer, used throughout the service and health industries. We stock cladding sheets, adhesives, and cladding trims for Altro Whiterock. We have Altro Whiterock brand external corner trimsinternal corner trimsshower trim capsedge trims, and transition strips.

Hi-Clad is a range of hygienic cladding suitable for use in all environments where cleanliness is a priority. We stock Hi-Clad in a wide range of colours, allowing you to personalise your walls. Our range of trims also come in a selection of colours, allowing you to have a consistent covering. We stock adhesives and silicone sealants for use with our PVC cladding. We have a range of trims for use with our Hi-Clad range, with edge trimsinternal corner trimsexternal corner trims, and 2 part joint trims.

We offer everything needed for a high quality hygienic cladding installation, with a comprehensive array of cladding trims available, allowing you to have a firm, steady wall for many years to come. Our range of products can be delivered across the UK, and is sold at competitive prices. Building Materials Nationwide is the one-stop shop for sourcing building supplies. We also have trade accounts for industry members, offering our full product range, express delivery options, and your own dedicated account manager. Our dedicated account managers can assist you with any orders, utilising our huge range of suppliers to source any building supplies you need. Sign up for a trade account through our website.

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