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Unistrut systems are used throughout commercial buildings in the UK, offering a strong and quick construction that can be used to support pipework, ventilation, wiring and more. When building with Unistrut, metal channels will form the bones of the project, attached with brackets and channel nuts. In this overview from Building Materials Nationwide, we’ll explore the benefits of Unistrut construction, the types of Unistrut channels on sale within the UK, and the accessories used to connect them.

What Are Unistrut Channels?

Unistrut is a system used to make solid frame structures in a wide variety of shapes. Unistrut support systems offer a wide variety of purposes, such as holding pipes, ventilation systems, or wiring trays in place. Unistrut can be mounted to walls or ceilings and used to support complex networks in place. Unistrut can be easily constructed, without drilling or welding. This also means that it can be easily disassembled, rebuilt, or attached to existing structures.

Unistrut frames will be built from solid channels joined with brackets and nuts. There are a variety of bracket types that allow you to attach channels at specific angles to each other. There is a range of different types of Unistrut channels, all of which will offer strength and be simple to add to larger constructions.

A Unistrut system installed as an exterior construction project next to a light blue sky.

What Are Unistrut Channels Made From?

Within the UK Unistrut channels are made with the following metal finishes:

  • PO (Plain Oiled): Used for welding on site, can be used as a base for powder coating. If looking to colour Unistruts black or white this could be the best option.
  • PG (Pre-Galvanised): Pre-galvanised steel channels will be dipped in molten zinc at the first stage of production. This is a popular option for internal usage.
  • HG (Hot Dip Galvanised): Great resistance to mechanical damage and suitable for outdoor environments. This comes from the steel channel being dipped in molten zinc at the end of production.
  • SS (Stainless Steel Marine Grade): Perfect for water-facing uses and extreme environments.
  • ZP (Electro Zinc Plated): An alternative to PG channels, these will be used for sterile environments such as hospitals.

While in the UK Unistrut sells purely steel channels, aluminium channels are available from some importers, alongside fibreglass channels.

What Unistrut Channels Are Available?

There are several Unistrut channel designs within their catalogue, each of which is produced in a range of finishes, typically in either 3 or 6m in length.

  • P1000: This is the standard channel with three solid sides and one open. It comes in dimensions of 41mm x 41mm. An alternative is available with slots on the opposite side of the opening (P1001). This will feature slots every 50mm.
  • P1000T: This is essentially two P1000 channels together, attached with opposite openings. This means the dimensions will be 83mm x 41mm. The P1001T will retain the same outer shape with slots along the central join.
  • P3300: This is a thinner size channel, at 21mm in height while maintaining the 41mm width.
  • P3300T10: This is a P3300 with slots along the opposite side to the opening every 50mm. A P3301T10 is two P3300T10s combined with slots through the centre.
  • Triple T (TTT): The P1000TTT has an open side and slots across all other 3 faces. It has dimensions of 41.3mm x 41.3mm.
  • P2000T: This is a channel with slots on the opposite face to the opening every 50mm, and dimensions of 41mm x 41mm. It also has two trench indents along both the other sides. The P4000T10 is a shorter version at 21mm in height and 41mm in width, with only one trench along each side.
  • P5000T: A taller channel, with 83mm height and 41mm width. It has slots on the opposite side to the opening every 50mm. The P5001T is two P5000Ts connected to face opposite sides, with slots along the centre join.
  • P5500T: Another taller channel, though not as high at 62mm with 41mm in width. This will have slots at 50mm along the opposite face of the opening. The P5501T will be two P5500Ts joined together with opposite openings and slots along the shared edge.
A Unistrut bracket component against bright yellow components for a commercial building structure.

What Accessories Are Available?

To make constructions from Unistrut channels, accessories like brackets, channel nuts, bolts, and end caps will be used. Unistrut brackets are used to securely position Unistrut channels together within a construction, with different shapes allowing for a variety of complex shapes to be built. Vertical supports are a type of bracket used for attaching a Unistrut system to a roof. Channel nuts are designed to easily allow Unistrut channels to be connected, forming a tight grip within the open side of any channel when tightened. While there are specific bolts sold for Unistrut channel nuts, as long as you buy a bolt of the correct thread size they should be Unistrut compatible. Unistrut end caps are plastic caps designed to protect the end of a metal channel. Finally, Unistrut concrete inserts are used to embed a Unistrut system within concrete.

Unistrut Products Delivered Across the UK

We offer a wide range of Unistrut elements for sale, with Unistrut channels alongside cable traysaccessories, and both horizontal and vertical supports. We work with professionals across the UK, delivering them a comprehensive range of building supplies from one easy website, saving them both time and money. Another benefit for customers is our trade accounts, which give access to speedy delivery options and the services of a dedicated account manager. Our dedicated account managers will be there for you on either phone or email, able to help you organise whatever building supplies you need through our network of suppliers. Sign up for a trade account through our website today.

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