28th Nov 2022 -

Within an open plan office space, high levels of noise and disruption can have an adverse impact on productivity, and make finding privacy difficult. A great solution can be the installation of demountable partitions, such as our range of framed and frameless glass office partitions. 

These can be perfect for an office project, as they are both quick to erect and sturdy in construction, offering clear separators within an office and strong levels of noise reduction. Whether looking to segment your office, or to create private rooms within it, our range of demountable office partitions will be perfect for you. In this guide, we’ll look at our available products, the ways they can be customised to fit your office, and their simple installation process.

Our Range of Demountable Partitions Systems

Building Materials Nationwide stocks two varieties of high-quality demountable glass partitions for sale on our website, framed and frameless. The best choice between the two for an office project will depend on several factors, such as desired noise reduction, style, and room needs.

Frameless glass demountable partitions are designed to offer freedom in terms of design, built to support a variety of office installations. They come with a selection of glass joints, allowing them to be configured in several ways. Our frameless glass partitions are double glazed as standard, giving solid acoustic insulation. They are installed through top tracks and base channels.

Framed glass demountable partitions are framed on all sides, with metal channels at the base. They offer a greater degree of acoustic insulation, perfect for meeting rooms or noisy office environments. Panels can be installed at 90-degree angles or at T joints, allowing for the construction of adjoining rooms. They are installed fully framed with dry joints, minimising any gaps between glass panels.

A great feature of our demountable panels is that they can be installed and reconfigured much easier than traditional internal walls. In traditionally walled offices it can be very costly and time-consuming to remove and reinstall internal walls. Conversely, demountable partitions can be simply removed and reinstalled into a new setup.

Customising our Demountable Office Partitions

Office partitions

The glass in our range of demountable partitions systems is tailored to your specifications. We offer made to measure glass panels in our framed glass partitions, coming in various thicknesses including double glazing. You’ll have the option of choosing from standard or laminated glass. Framed glass can be used to make all manner of office rooms and spaces, from larger work areas to private offices.

Our frameless glass partitions come with even more customisation options. You can choose from a range of glass types including toughened, laminate, fire rated, and acoustic. You’ll also be able to integrate a huge selection of doors, such as frameless glass doors, framed glass doors, sliding doors, and wood flush doors. Our frameless glass partitions also come in over 200 non-standard colours, designed to suit a more modern or vibrant look. Our glass wall designs can be customised further with integral blind options, allowing more privacy in meeting rooms or personal offices.

Demountable Partitions Installation Guide

While we do not personally install our range of demountable partitions, they are designed to offer a quick and sturdy installation for trained professionals. If looking to source demountable glass partitions for a building project, we provide a bespoke, durable, attractive range of products.

Our frameless glass models will be installable within top tracks and base channels, allowing framing to be near invisible. We will construct glass panels built around the specifications of your blueprints. The same is true of our framed glass office partitions, except that they will be fully framed around the edges of each panel, offering a rigid, acoustically protected design.

If you are an installer looking for high-quality demountable partitions for an office building project, our team will be available to build you a bespoke solution and offer any advice needed. If you are a building owner looking for demountable partitions systems, our customer service team will be able to assist you in looking for designers and installers for your space.

We Can Supply You With Bespoke Demountable Partitions

Building Materials Nationwide produces beautiful demountable partitions, ready for quick installation within any office environment. We can tailor our products to meet your designs, using a range of glass types and framing options. If you are in the industry and looking to purchase from us, we offer trade accounts through our website. Once you open a trade account you’ll be paired with a dedicated account manager, who you can contact via phone and email. Our team of dedicated account managers are there to assist with all aspects of our business, be that supplying materials, arranging delivery, or offering assistance and guidance. We offer UK-wide speedy delivery on our product range, and our trade account holders can even apply for 30 days of interest-free credit.

Explore our brilliant range of framed and frameless demountable glass partitions today, and sign up for one of our trade accounts to gain access to our full range of benefits.