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The Unistrut system is simple, multi-purpose, and strong, offering a huge range of benefits in commercial and office environments. To connect the channels of a Unistrut construction, brackets must be used, with different bracket shapes available for each join. In this guide from Building Materials Nationwide, a supplier of Unistrut pieces, we’ll explore the many Unistrut brackets available in the UK, and how they either connect Unistrut channels, or connect Unistrut constructions to walls, ceilings, or floors.

What Are Unistrut Systems?

Unistrut is a metal framing system constructed from universal pieces, made from options like stainless steel and hot-dipped galvanised steel. It is intended to be easy to assemble into a wide variety of shapes for uses within construction. Without needing welding or drilling, a combination of channels and brackets can be attached to grids or larger shapes, offering strength and stability.

Unistruts can be attached vertically or horizontally, and are typically used to support pipes and cable work. As Unistruts can be suspended they can be a great way to support a ventilation system above a room. They are also used for medical equipment and to hold solar panels in place. With the addition of cable trays, Unistruts can be a great way to support complex wiring arrangements within a room, while remaining accessible. Just as Unistruts can be easily built, they can be easily disassembled, meaning they can be re-used or added to as necessary. Unistruts can support a solid level of weight, but are not the equivalent of a load-bearing construction, and will have clearly stated limits.

How Are Brackets Used Within Unistrut Constructions?

Brackets are used to connect channels within a Unistrut construction. While some channels will be a solid piece of metal, others will have slots across them to enable other channels to be attached to them. There is a range of different Unistrut bracket types available allowing a range of angles and connections. To connect Unistrut brackets, channel nuts will be used, which feature a spring allowing them to make a strong and secure bed within the channel that a nut and bracket can then be screwed into. This will provide a very strong connection with minimal preparation or equipment.

A Unistrut bracket component against bright yellow components for a commercial building structure.

What Type of Unistrut Brackets Are Available?

There are a wide variety of different Unistrut brackets available for sale.

  • Window: Unistrut window brackets are designed to be attached to a channel, with a window for use within a strut framework system.
  • Wall: Referred to as cantilever arms, these Unistrut wall brackets are designed for securing a Unistrut system to a solid wall, with a wall bracket and a channel at 90 degrees to the wall.
  • Hanging: Hanging brackets are a type of Unistrut bracket intended for supporting a cable tray or basket tray, which allows for professional cable management, normally within a suspended ceiling. Due to their shape, these are sometimes referred to as C brackets.
  • Wing: There are several different Unistrut wing brackets (the P2346, P2341-R, P2341-L, and the P2223) available, which are used to attach two or three channels in a range of different combinations, all of which will place them at right angles to a central channel, hence the name wing.
  • Foot: Foot brackets, also called channel bases, are intended to firmly secure a Unistrut system to the floor.
  • Shelf: Unistrut systems can also be used to create shelving. Unistrut shelf brackets are designed to attach to a vertical channel offering support for a shelf.
  • Ladder: Cable ladders are an alternative to cable trays, capable of supporting a greater weight. Unistrut ladder brackets will be used for securing cable ladders to channels.
  • L: L brackets are made with two faces and a right-angle join. Within Unistrut there is a range of L brackets, sometimes called angle fittings, which can be used to fix two channels to each other at 90-degree angles.
  • T: T brackets can be used to fit three channels together, creating a four-way channel join if the central two holes are within the middle of a channel. Alongside flat T brackets like the P1031, there are angled options like the P1033.
  • U: Unistrut U Brackets come in a range of different shapes for fitting channels together, with options like the P1377 offering a single edge of holes for fitting, while the P1043 offers 6 fitting spaces for complex Unistrut constructions. There are specialist U brackets intended for attaching half-height channels (P4047) and double-size channels (P1737).
  • Z: Different Z brackets are available for Unistrut, offering ways to connect a range of setups, including those for attaching half-size channels to regular channels (P4045), and options tall enough for double-size channels (P1453).
  • Double: There are several bracket options for double-height Unistrut channels, such as the Z and U models covered earlier. There are also double-strut window brackets available.
  • Adjustable: Adjustable Unistrut brackets allow for channels to be securely installed and moved, for projects where adjustments might be needed.
A steel Unistrut bracket against a grey coloured background ready to be installed for a commercial environment.

Unistrut Brackets and Channels Delivered Across the UK

Building Materials Nationwide works across the UK with building professionals, delivering a range of supplies. We stock Unistrut channels, alongside vertical supportscantilever arms, and cable trays. Within our range of accessories, you’ll find Unistrut brackets, alongside channel nuts for sturdy installations. Our products are competitively priced and can be delivered across the UK. For customers within the industry, we offer trade accounts through our website. Our trade accounts give access to the services of a dedicated account manager, who’ll be able to source whatever Unistrut brackets you need through our network of suppliers. Trade account holders can also take advantage of our express delivery options. Sign up through our website today.

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