21st Nov 2022 -

What is a LED sky panel?

Bring the sky inside with LED sky panels and enhance your interior decor and bring light into dark spaces. Whether the room is dark or windowless you can experience a realistic sunny, night or aquarium window. The unique artificial skylight mimics the illusion of working under a window.

About LED sky ceilings

LED sky ceilings were originally made to improve patient experiences in hospitals. With these visually appealing sky panels, they wanted patients to look up at something more attractive, especially if they were spending weeks or months staring at a dull ceiling. The idea was to bring positivity and light into dark and gloomy hospital rooms, they wanted patients and staff to look out to bright blue skies when they needed a little inspiration.

Since then, LED sky panels have been placed in hospitals, offices, schools, retail sectors and dental surgeries to improve the workplace environment. The sky panels have a positive effect on the well-being of those working under their Virtual Sky Ceilings.

Benefits of installing LED sky panels

LED sky panels are a great way for bringing the outdoors inside. But there are some added benefits of introducing them either in your home or work environment.

1. Better sleep quality
Working under fluorescent lighting all day can have a significant impact on your quality of sleep. As we produce melatonin at night time (a natural hormone created by the brain’s pineal gland which puts you to sleep), fluorescent lighting can hinder melatonin production which leads to bad sleeping patterns.

2. Productivity boost

People who work in offices with lots of windows and natural lighting are more efficient at work compared to their counterparts who work under fluorescent lighting. Sky panels will help boost productivity in working environments as well as schools.

3. Lifting mood

Exposure to natural lighting can decrease the possibility of depression symptoms. A lack of natural lighting can result in negative thoughts. Breaks outside the classroom or office can help, but installing LED sky panels will also be a major contributor.

4. Less anxiety and stress

The intensity of fluorescent lighting can increase stress and anxiety levels. LED sky panels with idyllic scenes will limit harsh lighting and create a relaxing environment. This is particularly important for medical settings such as hospitals and GP surgeries.

5. Helps migraines

Migraines are common and a main contributory factor to them is harsh lighting. Installing LED sky panels will create a softer setting which is much easier on the eyes and reduce the risk of painful headaches. 

Step 1 - Prepare installation grid 15mm+24mm

Remove current ceiling panels and squeeze grid hangers together if necessary to create space for the panels. Ensure you create a dust-free environment and unbox the panels - we advise wearing gloves.

Step 2 - Place the panels

Check out the layout for proper placement. Direction arrows and numbers are placed on the back of the panel and on the layout. Avoid touching the panel on the image and in the middle. Preferably only on the aluminium frame to avoid fingerprints and light gaps. Caution: if the panels are provided with safety cables, please attach them to the concrete ceiling. 

Step 3 - Connect the LED driver

Connect the DC plugs on the back of the panel to the plugs on the LED driver. Do not pull the cables. Then connect the LED driver to the power source in a dry and safe place. Notice: LED drivers must be installed outside of the magnetic field in an MRI suite. 

Step 4 - Final checklist

  • Do all the panels sit evenly in the grid? Hanger wire can force a panel to sit off-centre. If so, re-attach the wire. If the grid is not installed square, the panels will sit unevenly in the opening. If so, adjust the grid so it is square. 
  • Is the image evenly lit? If one or more panels are dark, or one or more are not working. Re-check wiring. 
  • Does the image match the layout image? Be sure to check that the tiles are in the correct position and orientation.

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