22nd Nov 2022 -

There are many reasons why an office space could benefit from blinds. Blinds can offer privacy, reduce screen glare, and allow you to be clearly seen on teleconferencing calls. It can be difficult to decide what blinds to install, with several factors such as the needs of your office, the amount of light coming in, and the aesthetic considerations of your space impacting your decision. In this guide from Building Materials Nationwide, we’ll look through the options available, showcasing the best office blinds. Whether you are looking to fit a new build or to retrofit into an existing property, you’ll also want to think about the style of your office, and what types of blinds can blend well within your space. Modern offices tend to prioritise aesthetic values, and it’s important that your office blinds contribute to that.

Why Might You Need Office Blinds?

Commercial blinds can bring key benefits to your workspace. If you have windows facing a public area, then blinds can be used to offer privacy to employees. If you have an office window that receives a large amount of sun during the day this can have major repercussions on your ability to work, obscuring screens and making your face unclear on Zoom calls. Window blinds can be used to partially or fully obscure sunlight, allowing people to work through the day. If working at night, blinds can also be used to block out street lights or to allow you to make your office building cosier with artificial light.

What Are the Best Office Blinds?

When looking for window blinds in your commercial office, you have a wide range of choices available. These can offer different benefits for certain environments, and for specific needs. You’ll need to think about what your office space needs. If you are working in a light-sensitive environment or one where sun glare is overwhelming you will be looking to fully block out natural light. If you want some sunlight within your workspace, then you should be looking for office blinds that can limit but not block the sun's rays. There are other considerations, such as the size of your windows, and whether you will also need blinds for a patio door. Blinds can come in standard sizes or can be ordered at bespoke heights and widths for the perfect fit. While roman blinds may be functional within a home office, they would be unsuitable for a traditional office environment.

Roller Blinds

Roller blinds are built from a roll of fabric attached to the top of the window, that is typically lowered by a chain. They can be made of solid fabric or translucent materials. Roller office blinds can be used within an office to fully block out glare while still allowing light in. You can get blackout roller blinds if you choose an option built from solid fabric, but you can also use a translucent material to simply reduce light. Roller blinds are reliable, and not prone to faults. They can be bought in a wide variety of colours and patterns, allowing them to be blended aesthetically with a modern office space.

Vertical Blinds

For larger windows, vertical blinds can offer a great solution, working well with both windows and patio doors. Vertical blinds give a large array of options for window cover. Built from a series of flat strips, vertical blinds can be both fully opened and closed, but can also be tilted to limit the light passing into an office building without stopping it. Vertical office blinds come in a range of colours, meaning you won’t be limited to the classic white design if looking for something a little more contemporary.

Venetian Blinds

Venetian blinds are horizontal blinds, made from solid strips, that can be adjusted similarly to vertical blinds. This means that they can either be entirely open, closed, or adjusted for light control. They can be installed in a wide range of colours, complementing a variety of office environments. A drawback with Venetian office blinds is they are more prone to tangling and breakages compared to other blinds. While these issues can normally be fixed easily, it can be frustrating when your window blinds aren’t performing as needed. Wooden blinds can be made in the Venetian style, or in a wide selection of coloured material options.

Blackout Blinds

For office spaces that need total darkness, whether, for specific tasks or to stop overwhelming sun penetration, blackout blinds offer a great choice. Blackout office blinds are designed like roller blinds, but fully block all-natural light from entering a room. Blackout blinds can be partially closed to block some light from entering, but will obviously be unsuitable for environments that want more natural light.

Day and Night Blinds

Day and night blinds offer a novel design, with two alternating sheets of lined fabric sliding against each other. As you lower your blinds they will switch between a translucent lined look and solid blocks of colour. This will allow you to either let some light in or block it out, whilst offering a stylish look for your office building.

Office Blinds From Building Materials Nationwide

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