28th Nov 2022 -

When looking to split a large office space into separate rooms or cubicles, the costs of permanent alterations can be huge. Remodelling a building is often far too costly for a business, and can bring tremendous disruption and mess.  Demountable glass partition walls offer a fantastic alternative, with quickly erected glass walls bringing style and practicality to your spaces. In this guide from Building Materials Nationwide, we’ll take you through the benefits of demountable glass partitions, and showcase some of the excellent products we stock. We are demountable partition suppliers, offering a wide range of glass panels, fittings, and accessories like doors.

What is a Demountable Glass Partition?

Internal demountable partitions are non-permanent partitions, that can be arranged in a desired pattern, splitting a larger room into smaller areas. Demountable partitions are not an integrated part of the building, and can be installed and removed without major renovation work. This makes their installation considerably quicker than a permanent partition, like an internal stud wall faced with plasterboard. Within large office spaces, they can be used to create smaller areas, meeting rooms, or personal offices. Demountable office partitions are built from panes of glass within tracks or frames. Doors can be installed within demountable partitions, built from glass or wood.

How Could Your Office Benefit From Demountable Glass Partitions?

Building internal walls within your office will be a time-consuming process, rendering areas of your office unusable for a time. Even simple timber stud walls will take up more time than installing demountable partitions. Demountable glass office partitions can be quickly assembled to your plans, turning a large room into multiple separate areas of customisable size. Due to their handy manoeuvrability, it can be a relatively simple process to make adjustments, perfect for a growing company that will want to use its spaces differently over time.

Breaking an open-plan office into smaller rooms can bring benefits of privacy, allowing you to have quiet client meetings or to have dedicated offices for some team members. Demountable glass partitions also bring both environmental and economical benefits. Demountable partitions are cost-effective, saving time and money over traditionally built walls, and the ability to reconfigure them easily will save more money still. Movable walls also benefit the environment by producing less material waste than an internal wall, and being easily reusable.

Demountable glass partitions are also stylish, bringing a sleek, professional sensibility to your internal office space. They can be installed with frosted glass panels, or solid panels to create a distinct look. Because you can easily reconfigure demountable partitions, some degree of experimentation can be afforded when searching for the perfect look in your office space.

Our Range of Demountable Glass Partitions

Building Materials Nationwide are internal demountable partition suppliers, selling quality glass demountable partitioning across the UK. We offer both framed and frameless demountable glass partitions for sale, perfect for your office environment.

Framed demountable glass partitions feature a full framing around the edge, offering structural definition. They can bring more sound insulation than frameless models. The framings are dry joints, with no adhesives. They can be installed with thicker glass, or you can even opt for double glazed partitioning to offer more noise reduction in your office space. They are easy to install and supported by their framings. The framings allow for the installation of single and double doors. Our glass panels are made to order, built to your exact specifications, with both standard and laminated glass options available.

Frameless demountable glass partitions allow for more specific and changeable designs. With sleek top and base tracks, the framing is nearly invisible. They can be combined with options like sliding doors, flush doors, and glazed panels. Frameless glass can be used in all office spaces, including smaller floors. They come in both single and double glazing, with a range of thicknesses. While not as much as a framed installation, it will offer sound reduction in office spaces. We offer a range of glass options; such as toughened, laminated, fire rated, and acoustic. Our options for door integration includes frameless glass doors, framed glass doors, and wood flush doors.

Our internal demountable glass partitions can be installed through simple processes. To find out more about installing demountable glass partitions, we have an installation guide on our website.

We Are Demountable Glass Partition Suppliers

Building Materials Nationwide is the one-stop shop for all construction needs. We offer a full range of partitions for sale, including demountable glass partitions, with delivery options across the UK, and competitive pricing. We aim to simplify the process of sourcing building materials for people working in the trades. To make this even easier, we offer trade accounts for our customers working in the industry. Our trade accounts will gain you access to a dedicated account manager, who you’ll be able to talk to via phone and email. Your dedicated account manager will be able to help you source any large or specific orders, and can even help to organise products not listed on our website through our huge network of suppliers. Our trade account members also gain access to our speedy delivery services, and can apply for 30 days of interest-free credit. You can sign up for a trade account today through our website.

If you are looking for excellent demountable glass partitions for an office project, Building Materials Nationwide offers a fantastic solution. Explore our high quality range today, and give our team a call for more details about our partitioning systems.