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The Unistrut system is a quick and durable framing solution, offering a huge range of applications within buildings, such as supporting pipework, electrical cabling, and ventilation. In this overview from Building Materials Nationwide, a supplier of Unistrut systems, we’ll explore what Unistrut is, where Unistrut support systems can be used, what they’re made from, and how much they cost in the UK.

What is Unistrut?

Unistrut is a framing system designed to easily be used for a wide range of applications. It will be sold as strut channels, long u-shaped metal pieces that can be attached together in an endless series of combinations, most of which require no welding or drilling. Unistrut structures can also be disassembled and reused. Thanks to its strength and low weight, Unistrut has a variety of uses within a construction project, or as part of an electrician's set-up. Within Unistrut there are different types of channels, with some made of solid metal and others featuring holes and slots. There are also shallow channel options for constructions where space is limited.

Along with the channels, there are vertical and horizontal supports for attaching channels. Cable trays are also available, for supporting and obscuring cables. Compared to a conduit system, cable trays are far easier to access and change, giving clear benefits. In terms of accessories, you’ll be able to buy threaded channel nuts designed for attaching items to channels. There are also concrete inserts, designed for attaching Unistrut channels to concrete. In addition, you’ll find holed spliced plates which will be used to connect the struts. When looking for Unistrut it’s worth noting that, much like Blu-tac and Sellotape, Unistrut is a specific brand and product whose name is sometimes used informally as a term for any metal strut channel system. 

A Unistrut bracket component against bright yellow components for a commercial building structure.

What is Unistrut Used For?

The predominant use of the Unistrut support system is helping with lightweight construction within building projects. As they can be easily made into a variety of shapes, Unistruts will be used to hold things like pipes, wiring, and mechanical systems in place. They will also be used to construct supports for medical equipment and solar panels. As they can be hung from ceilings, they make a great option for supporting items like ventilators or keeping pipework secure. Unistrut can also be used in the creation of platforms and risers. 

Unistrut channels can be painted colours like black to better hide them in areas like rafters.

What is Unistrut Made From?

Within the UK, Unistrut is made from steel in a variety of finishes. To give an example, the standard P1000 channel strut, which is smooth with no gaps, comes with the following finishes:

  • Pre-Galvanised: This popular finish is supplied with a zinc coating and used for internal applications.
  • Hot-Dipped Galvanised: For this option, the metal will be dipped in molten zinc. It boasts resistance to mechanical damage and performs well in exterior environments. 
  • Plain Oil: A plain-surfaced channel ideal for welding and finishing, through powder coating or other methods.
  • Stainless Steel: Great for extreme weather and water-facing applications.

Within other countries fibreglass Unistrut pieces are offered, but as of writing, these are not available in the UK. These fibre-reinforced plastic options could be available at some point in the future. There are also specialist aluminium Unistrut channels available, whose lightweight build can offer some specific benefits within construction.

What Different Types of Unistrut Available?

There is a huge range of Unistrut channel types available. There will be standard single and double channels, with double channels being two channels attached, facing opposite directions. There will also be channels with slots for attaching other elements, and taller channel options. As discussed earlier, there is a wide range of attachments, supports, and fixings.

A steel Unistrut bracket against a grey coloured background ready to be installed for a commercial environment.

What Dimensions of Unistrut Are Available?

The dimensions of Unistrut channels will vary, depending on the design. The standard P1000 square design will be in a 41mm x 41mm size, in the length of either 3m or 6m. These dimensions will also be the standard across the P2000, with doubled struts offering a 41mm x 83mm size. Thinner P3000 models are 41mm across and 21mm in height. The taller P5000 size is 83mm in height and 41mm in width.

How Much Weight Can Unistrut Hold?

The specific weight limits for all Unistrut metal framing systems can be found in the technical information on their site. Unistrut is intended for lighter items and is not a suitable replacement for sturdier construction methods.

A Huge Range of Unistrut Pieces For Sale

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