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Fixing heavy items to plasterboard walls can be a cause of concern for many homeowners, due to plasterboards' reputation for breaking easily. But there are a variety of options for fixing heavier items from regular plasterboard panels, as well as specialist plasterboards designed to hold heavier weights. 

Whether you want to secure a TV, a mirror, or even a radiator to your plasterboard wall, there are options available to you.

Attaching to Wooden Studs

A great way to attach a heavy item like a TV to a plasterboard wall is by attaching it to the wooden studs rather than the plasterboard panels. Using a stud finder you can locate the wooden studs within your walls, and drill directly into them with screws. Using adjacent studs you can easily mount a TV bracket to your wall. The issue with this approach is that you are limited in terms of where you can drill into, based on the location of the studs.

How To Fix Heavy Items to Plasterboard On A Solid Wall

If your plasterboard wall consists of plasterboard panels affixed to a solid wall, such as a dot and dab wall, it can be a challenge to fix anything to the wall, due to the small gap between the plasterboard panel and the wall. Specialist fixings like Rigifix’s are available for installation. They require a hole to be drilled through both the plasterboard and the solid wall behind it. Drilling through masonry will require a hammer-action screwdriver.

Before drilling into any wall you should use a stud finder to avoid drilling into pipes or wiring. A Rigifix has a large wall plug that is hammered into the hole, followed by a threaded screw that is drilled into it, expanding the plug in the wall. This threaded screw can now be screwed into to affix heavy items. A dot-and-dab wall is capable of holding heavy items like kitchen cupboards with properly installed fixings.

Specialist Plasterboard Types

Stronger plasterboard panels are capable of supporting heavier weights. Gyproc Habit is a 12.5mm plasterboard from British Gypsum, which advertises its durability and strength, supporting 15kg of weight from a traditional wood screw. British Gypsum claims it can hold items like shelves, TVs, and radiators without specialist fixings. While not viable if your plasterboard walls are already installed, if looking to build a stud wall within your home it may be worth considering a more heavy-duty plasterboard.

Plasterboard Fixings For Attaching Heavy Items to Plasterboard Walls

Heavy items can also be attached to traditional plasterboard panels on a hollow wall, with a series of fixings designed to hold heavy weights. Smaller fixings like wall plugs are unlikely to be able to support a great deal of weight within a plasterboard wall, but there are several fixings designed to support greater weights within plasterboard: 

Hollow Wall Anchor: 

Hollow wall anchor

Hollow wall anchors are designed to expand on the other side of a plasterboard sheet, securing the fixing in place. They can either be inserted manually, or with a hollow anchor setting tool. Once tightened with a screw, the anchor will expand, securing it on both sides of the plasterboard wall. Both methods require inserting into a pre-drilled hole. Hollow wall anchors can support loads of 20kg to 50kg, and cannot be removed once installed.

Spring Toggle:

A photo of a spring toggle

Spring toggles, or toggle bolts, are heavy-duty plasterboard fixings designed to secure themselves against the other side of a hollow wall. They have metal wings that can fold down to pass through a pre-drilled hole. The wings will open on the other side, and as you tighten the bolt they will pull tight against the other side of your plasterboard, creating a strong hold. A metal spring toggle can hold up to 45kg in weight and can be removed from walls.

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A photo of a grip it fixing for plasterboard walls

Gripits are branded heavy-duty plasterboard fixing, designed to hold heavy weights like radiators, TVs, or boilers. They are inserted into a pre-drilled hole and secured with a screwdriver, using wings on the back of your plasterboard to secure themselves in place. The strongest model of Gripit claims to hold up to 113kg in weight, and they can be removed from a wall easily.

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Durable plasterboard fixings at competitive trade prices

There are several options for fixing heavy items to plasterboard walls, with more available to you based on the type of plasterboard in your walls and the type of backing you have. Even if attaching directly to plasterboard panels there are still options available to support larger items like mirrors, radiators, and cupboards.

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